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Fresco - The all-in-one Visual Collaboration Tool

What Fresco does

Fresco is a straightforward online whiteboard that enables teams to collaborate and create tasks in real-time on a variety of pre-made and custom templates. Track tasks, export data, and make meetings more productive.

Fresco's Current Landscape

The biggest competitors are companies like Miro, Mural, Figjam, Lucidchart, etc. These tools are powerful but often confusing, and many people struggle to use them properly. The overall market trajectory seems to be drifting away from simple collaboration and towards design- based solutions. Fresco hopes to integrate strong task management to fill the gap left by tools migrating away from their collaborative roots.

Fresco Birth Story

As the founder, Paul Van Zandt, graduated from the University of Washington right as the covid-19 pandemic started, he immediately saw how every industry would need to evolve how they collaborate and communicate. It seemed like no existing solution was able to tackle all of the key concerns, so he began working towards building a more efficient collaboration platform. After securing some valuable angel funding, the dream of Fresco was alive and running.

The Solution

Fresco’s vision is to merge an online whiteboard with a task management tool to create an incredibly efficient collaboration experience. This happens by creating a dynamic and collaborative online whiteboard while also integrating shared task management to make every step actionable. The balance of task management and online whiteboarding doesn’t exist anywhere on the market, and there is enormous value here for hybrid and remote teams. With this vision, Fresco is onboarding new users every day to grow the business.

Fresco's Team Culture

Fresco operates as a globally remote team, with the development team working from Armenia, the UX designer from Mexico, and the founder from San Francisco. This means that Fresco is the perfect example of a team that could utilize an online whiteboard effectively. Regular zoom meetings, slack conversations, and collaboration sessions make the team run as smoothly as it would in person.

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