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Freediving Reaches New Depths: The Startup Making a Global Splash

What Freedive Adventures does

Freedive Adventures has launched a world-first custom-built online platform exclusively for freediving and ocean conservation adventures. The vibrant user-friendly design allows enthusiasts to book global adventures with ease, accommodating everything from diving the Great Barrier Reef, to diving trips and courses in Bali, to Liveaboards in Komodo Islands and beyond.

The Current Landscape

Freediving is the exploration of aquatic depths on a single breath, without the use of breathing apparatus. It’s long been perceived as a niche sport, often overshadowed by scuba diving and yet in multiple countries, it’s leading in popularity. Freedive Adventures is the first platform of its kind and is set to tilt the scales further by making freediving accessible to anyone willing to take the plunge.

Company Birth Story

Jayde Purnell, 32-year-old co-founder and director was ready to chase freediving and conservation around the world when she recognised a significant gap in the market. Finding and booking underwater adventures was a difficult task; a hindrance that was surely having a negative impact on the industry as whole. She quickly began working with Gavin Flannery of My Robot Monkey digital marketing agency to build a solution. They dedicated 2023 to building the underwater playground that now offers adventures around the world.

The Solution

Within a 10-day pre-launch timeframe, the team onboarded 14 operators from around the world and launched ahead of schedule. Jayde’s story has caught the attention of investors, fellow entrepreneurs and travellers eager to dive into the deep end. And this is just the beginning. With adventures on every continent, an audience reach of 70+ countries and impressions into the millions, the team are buzzing with travel enquiries from every corner of the world.

A Customer Story

Kristen Anderson of Scubȧbo Dive, explains, “We are thrilled about the opportunities this platform provides for adventurers and operators. Freediving is a beautiful way to experience the underwater world, especially with the Volcanic Crater Lakes in the rainforest and Great Barrier Reef as our playgrounds here in Cairns. This platform is an industry-first and we’re excited for the future!”

The Team Culture

"We believe that Freediving should not only be an adventure but also a way to connect with and protect our oceans," says Freedive Adventures Design Mastermind, Bayu. "Our team is committed to making a positive impact and we’re encouraging our divers to participate in, or donate to, critical causes such as the coral restoration projects taking place at Great Barrier Reef Foundation."

A founder quote

Gavin Flannery of My Robot Monkey comments, "Jayde’s vision is truly inspiring and she’s unstoppable in this pursuit. From the moment she shared this dream with me, we’ve been designing the disruption of the industry in the best way possible. We’re here to facilitate once-in-a-lifetime adventures and to do good,” Gavin states. “These experiences are the unforgettable, breath-of-fresh-air-adventures that dreams are made of, all puns intended! I’m proud to be the co-founder of something so unique and inspiring."

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