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Formulary Database App Developed for Physicians by Physicians

What is eNavvi?

eNavvi is a formulary database that currently includes all location specific Medicare and Medicaid formularies in Hawaii, California and Nevada. By providing one tool that maintains all formulary information, eNavvi is filling the information asymmetry gap with regards to prescription medication coverage and drug costs in the US healthcare system.

The Current Landscape

Currently, there are companies that are more geared towards patients for example GoodRx who primarily provides coupons to help reduce out-of-pocket costs. There are a few drug pricing tools such as those sold by Surescripts and OptumRX which do not include all drug cost information but only that relevant to their parent companies.

Company Birth Story

eNavvi was co-founded by Dr. Simon Chang, DO and Dr. Howard Yan, MD a Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School graduate.  Dr. Chang observed the desperate need to streamline the delivery of healthcare data to the right people while he was on the job as a physician-in-training at UCLA. Dr. Yan’s work with Boston Consulting Group inspired his passion for issues such as drug non-compliance and the subsequent need for drug price transparency. Together they created a user-centric cross platform transparency tool that will allow for drug price transparency which will in turn minimize financial impact for patients, improve drug compliance and lead to a better health outcome.

The Solution

eNavvi contains all formulary information in one database so physicians and other care providers need only one resource for prescribing medications to all of their patients. This sets eNavvi apart as other drug pricing tools such as those sold by Surescripts or OptumRX include only information relevant to their parent companies but do not have overlapping formulary information.

The formulary database tool instantly provides access to information such as out-of-pocket costs for medications, unit prices per medications for Medicare plans and offers a list of covered alternatives. eNavvi gives in depth details on drug classifications and drug formulation information. The online formulary tool also provides information on prior authorizations and step-therapy requirements.

The list of offerings through eNavvi gives care providers access to the information that is necessary to prescribe the best and most affordable medications to their patients. The transparency of drug costs and medication coverage will not only improve the level of care healthcare professional can provide but will also lead to better health outcomes for patients. eNavvi currently only includes Medicaid and Medicare plans for Hawaii, California and Nevada but is expanding nationwide to not only provide Medicare and Medicaid plans in all states but to also include all insurance health plans.

A Customer Story

“It happens more often than we think. Healthcare plans change formulary medications regularly, causing the patient to pay out-of-pocket for a medication they have been taking for years. eNavvi helped me find a budget-friendly alternative for my patients in seconds.”

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