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Folderly: AI-Powered Email Deliverability Solution

What Folderly does

Folderly maintains email deliverability and increases email marketing performance. It helps businesses achieve over 50%-70% email open rate, thus making email marketing efforts more worthwhile and effective. Folderly spots issues with emails and helps resolve them, ensuring your emails go straight to the recipient’s inbox avoiding the spam folder.

Folderly’s Current Landscape

Over 333.2 billion emails were sent daily in 2022, with 46% of them ending up in spam. There are multiple companies that offer a helping hand with spam issues and open rates, like Validity,, InboxAlly, Netcore Email API, Bouncer, ZeroBounce, and Woodpecker. Some of them do succeed, but Folderly was the first who build new technology behind, trained AI, and reached a 99.9% inbox placement rate.

Folderly’s Birth Story

Folderly was launched in 2019. It all started when Folderly’s parent company, Belkins, had a drop in their email open rates from 60-80% to 10%. The team started digging into the problem and discovered there were lots of tech details one needed to configure before sending emails. Later they resolved the issue and were the first to train AI for that purpose.

The team developed and launched the product with no external investments. In the first 9 months, Folderly reached $1.5M ARR and is now used by 150+ American companies.

Recently, Folderly became one of the 25 Google Startups Fund winners. This investment will not only add to the security and streamline integration with Google products but also help improve and develop the solution further, according to customer feedback.

Folderly’s Solution

Folderly is integrated with major Email Service Providers (ESP) like Google (Gmail), Microsoft (Outlook, Exchange), and Apple, which helps to understand your Sender Score, domain, and mailbox health. User privacy is a team’s priority, so they constantly search for the newest solutions and use the most secure authentication.

With Folderly you can:

  • Check and improve email domain health to land more emails in the inbox. Improve sender score to gain trust with the most popular email service providers (ESP).

  • Test where emails land for further analysis and enhancements.

  • Scan the content of the letters and highlight critical issues to prevent them from looking suspicious to ESP.

Folderly is proud to be part of Stripe Climate, a coalition of businesses funding and accelerating next-generation carbon removal.

A Customer Story

FrontCore, a boutique company that created and marketed a comprehensive training management system, found Folderly when they experienced a drop in email open rates. This happened when they switched from G-Suite to HubSpot to improve their outbound activities, namely cold mailings.

With the help of Folderly, FrontCore managed to analyze and discover the reasons behind that downgrade and fix the issues causing it. As a result, they managed to restore their open rates from 2% to 50% at first and, eventually, boost them to 60–70%.

This isn’t the only example of when Folderly made such a huge impact. The solution has already proven its effectiveness to multiple companies from fintech, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, education, software development, and other industries.

Team Culture

The core team includes Vladyslav Podoliako (founder & CEO), Michael Maximoff (co-founder), Dmytro Dvornitsky (CTO), email deliverability experts, customer success managers, engineers, designers, and others.

As of January 2023, there are 45 people on the team. But this number is constantly growing. The team is distributed worldwide, and most people work remotely. However, there are three offices in Europe and in the USA, where people come to work or just spend a great time together.

Folderly preserves a start-up atmosphere, putting growth and flexibility at its heart. The team cherishes trust and partnership rather than a top-down approach and builds a community-like environment where every voice counts.

A Founder Quote

“ The common trait of the entire team is the desire to make the world a better place. We strive to make life easier for users and create innovations. In the nearest future, we want to shape this service into the best global cybersecurity solution. Vladyslav Podoliako, Belkins, and Folderly Founder

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