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Fleksa: Pioneering the Future of Restaurant Tech in the Post-Pandemic World

What Fleksa Does

Founded in 2020, Fleksa offers a comprehensive suite of digital solutions for restaurants. Its platform transforms customer journeys both online and in-restaurant by integrating operations, marketing, and payment systems, thus streamlining services and enhancing customer experiences.

The Current Landscape

The restaurant tech industry is witnessing rapid evolution. Amidst increasing competition, the market is inundated with digital solutions for restaurant operations. However, many solutions are fragmented and focus on specific management aspects. Fleksa distinguishes itself with an all-encompassing approach. Competitors like Toast, Square, and OpenTable offer various restaurant management tools but often lack the integrated, holistic approach that Fleksa embodies.

Company Birth Story

Fleksa emerged during the challenging times of the pandemic, a period marked by struggles for the restaurant industry. Founders Bhagwati Bhushan Mishra and Shashi Bhushan Mishra, having experienced the pitfalls of third-party ordering sites taking significant commissions, developed Fleksa. Their solution was inspired by their own experiences as restaurant owners, aiming to give restaurants control over operations and finances.

The Solution

Fleksa transcends the traditional software solution, offering a complete restaurant operating system. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for online and in-restaurant needs, including integrations with essential services. This holistic approach has been successful, with restaurants reporting a significant shift in third-party orders to Fleksa-powered websites, achieving an average of $10,000 in monthly savings. Fleksa’s vision is to bridge the digital gap in the industry, offering a unified solution for enhanced efficiency and profitability.

A Customer Story

A case in point is a local café that saw a significant transformation after adopting Fleksa. Moving away from reliance on third-party platforms, the café experienced over 50% of its orders moving to its own website, leading to substantial savings and heightened customer loyalty.

The Team Culture

The Fleksa team, led by the Mishra brothers, is a blend of industry experts and technology enthusiasts committed to innovation and customer success. The team culture is characterized by collaboration and creativity, fostering an environment where innovative solutions to industry challenges are nurtured.

Founder Quote

"Fleksa represents more than a business venture; it embodies a commitment to revolutionizing the restaurant industry with technology. We launched Fleksa to empower restaurant owners in a domain dominated by third-party platforms, aiming to make technology an asset rather than a hurdle for restaurants," says Bhagwati Bhushan Mishra, CEO of Fleksa.

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