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Finding Leaders For Today’s Startups

What the company does?

SwingSearch works with early-stage startups and high-growth companies to place leaders and team members that will launch a company to the next stage of growth.

The Current Landscape

There is never a dull moment in recruiting! This has been especially true over the past several years where COVID, remote work, and ‘The Great Resignation’ have fundamentally changed how people think about where and how they work. Companies now don’t only just compete for compensation, they also compete for flexibility, company culture, and work-from-home benefits too. Businesses are still navigating their own policies on hybrid work and it is too early to tell the lasting impact on employee loyalty and retention. SwingSearch has noticed a strong preference among many candidates to want greater flexibility.

Bottom-line: Top talent is always in high demand. If you want to recruit an exceptional top-performer, it’s helpful to know how to find them and how to close them. SwingSearch helps with all of it!

Company Birth Story

Jennifer Loftus, CEO & Founder of SwingSearch, saw a huge opportunity coming out of the 2001 dot-com bubble. Start-ups in the Bay Area were hiring make-or-break roles for their companies and needed a recruiting partner that understood startup leadership. Jennifer set out to build a company focused on finding top talent and executives for these early-stage and high-growth companies. As a recruiting veteran, Jennifer also knew that she wanted to build a company with heart, and one where people could come and try to ‘have it all’’; a thriving career, time with family, and flexibility at work. To achieve this, Jennifer searched to find a partner to help her build SwingSearch. She soon met Mandy Edmund, now COO & Managing Partner, at a taekwondo class. They became fast friends and then business partners. Together, Jennifer and Mandy forged relationships with leading VCs, startup founders, and key influencers. More importantly, they built something with heart.

SwingSearch is now a team of 50 focused on startup leadership across functions; marketing, engineering, product, sales, talent & people, and finance.

The Solution

Today, some of the world’s most respected venture-capitalist firms and investors refer to SwingSearch to help their portfolio companies grow their teams. What sets SwingSearch apart from others is their agency’s responsiveness, their preeminent understanding of startup DNA, and the artful way they pitch and close the precise candidates that will take the company to the next level.

“When I look back on my career so far, I am proud that I’ve always acted 100% as myself, ” says CEO, Jennifer Loftus

SwingSearch is a referral-based business, so quality means everything to their work. Companies bring SwingSearch in to help them expand their network of great candidates and find them leaders to accelerate their growth.

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