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Find your legal solutions with DocPro

What is DocPro?

DocPro is the leading online provider of legal solutions to businesses and individuals. Currently, DocPro operates a legaltech platform ( by combining legal documentation services with cutting edge technology. DocPro's members can choose from over 2000 templates, customize them with step-by-step guide and download the documents in word documents with jurisdiction engine to select the right governing law clause.

Current industry landscape

The legal industry is ripped for disruptions as there has been no major change in the industry since founder of DocPro Kim Chan joined the industry more than 20 years ago. Legaltech is nothing new but there is no household name that people would recognise. Lawyers are still charging by the hours but with the advent of AI documents can be prepared at a fraction of the cost and time. The biggest competitors are LegalZoom and Rocket lawyers but they are by no means a household name.

Establishing the company

As a lawyer, you get so many people asking you for documents. The obvious thing is to put all the commonly requested templates online for people to DIY and customize themselves. DocPro started as a side gig to Kim's legal and compliance consultancy. It is certainly not easy to launch an online business like DocPro, and they have spent close to 2 years preparing the 2000+ documents to start off with, as well as how the website should work and flow. DocPro's site was soft launched at the beginning of 2020 and the current version was launched in April 2020. Despite launching in the middle of a pandemic, numbers have been very promising, with traffics doubling every month.

The company vision

DocPro’s vision is to make legal solutions affordable and accessible to everyone. The company is starting with legal documents and gradually moving to other platforms such as legal advice. DocPro hopes to make a difference by making documents more accessible and affordable for users. Instead of charging on a per document basis like its competitors, DocPro is offering a one-time low price payment for a lifetime membership. They are providing variations of document favoring different parties instead of a one size fits all approach by their competitors. Rather than confining the business to one country, DocPro tries to cater for all common law jurisdictions by having their documents drafted generally and a proprietary engine to select the right governing law and jurisdiction for the document.

DocPro is currently developing a series of other legal platforms to enable us to achieve our vision of providing accessible legal solutions to everyone. The next project is to allow people to get legal consultation at an affordable price. DocPro is the winner of the GoGlobal Award 2021 for legal tech by the International Trade Council

Customer experience

Oliver Barnett, Sept. 10, 2021, 6:01 p.m.|Deals Bought: 1|Member Since: 09/10/21. "Great range of documents and great value! I was pleasantly surprised by the collection of documents DocPro had - from website policies to employment contracts, DocPro has you covered. Great value for money! I also really liked how each document had a detailed description, which helped me understand whether I had got the right document or not.The website was easy to navigate and documents were easy to customize. I foresee myself saving a lot of lawyers' fees by using DocPro!I’d recommend this to any entrepreneur/SME/startup out there. Great job DocPro!"

The team culture

All of DocPro's corporate culture rules are written and want for its employees to understand the chore values. The 6 core values are:

- Member Focus

- Teamwork, Integrity

- Innovative

- Passion

- Ownership.

Entrepreneurs will need to take the lead in accepting people who are what they are. If someone is not acceptable to you, you should not be hiring him / her in the first place. One needs to successfully established the company culture so that (i) the remote employee would feel a sense of belongings and (ii) the future action of the employee would hopefully consistent with the company's values.

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