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Fight against ad fraud with Anura

What is Anura?

Anura is an ad fraud solution designed to improve campaign performance by accurately identifying bots, malware, and human fraud. By mitigating ad fraud, advertisers can invest more resources towards growing their business. The Anura solution eliminates false positives — only marking visitors as fraudulent when it is 100% confident they aren’t real.

About the industry

The ad fraud industry is booming. For a long time, many marketers and advertising companies didn't know that fraud existed, much less that it was destroying their campaigns. Fraud was stagnant for many years, as digital marketing has accelerated rapidly in the last few decades. But in the last few years, fraud has really started to escalate and spike exponentially to the point that the industry is looking at $100 billion a year lost in ad fraud in the next year.

How the company began

About 18 years ago, founders of Anura Beth and Rich Kahn, were running a digital marketing company, and were introduced to the negative effects of ad fraud. They knew they needed to fix this problem, so searched the marketplace to purchase an ad fraud solution to take care of the problem. As it turned out, ad fraud was such a new concept that there were no solutions available on the market. As a programmer, if there isn't a solution, you build it yourself, so that's what they did. In 2005, Rich and Beth started engineering the core engine of what is now the Anura solution. After years of honing and developing this software, more and more of their clients requested it. In 2017, they launched Anura as a standalone product and company.

Anura's mission

Anura’s solution mitigates ad fraud allowing advertisers to invest more resources towards growing their business. The Anura solution works to eliminate false positives by only marking visitors as fraudulent when it is 100% confident the visitor isn’t real.

Benchmarked against validated conversion data, Anura is able to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of the solution. Anura also offers the most detailed analytics dashboard to provide the proof of fraud.  With a combination of machine learning and experienced engineers, Anura can detect even the most sophisticated fraud techniques in real-time. It has been able to build an ad fraud solution that can detect if the user behind the device is real or fake, with a greater than 99.999% accuracy rate. Nobody else in the space has been able to touch us on that and it's what makes us different from the rest.

There's a huge industry known as lead generation, where companies are generating leads for interest in products that call centers are going to ultimately call and fraudsters are putting people's information in. This creates TCPA risks that could actually get them sued to the point of shutting down the company. Not only is Anura able to prevent this from happening, it also is able to help companies increase the ROI on their back-end campaigns and grow their business, which helps grow their employee count. So Anura is helping to create jobs and grow companies.

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