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Fashion Tech Startup ‘Dhakai’ Launches Online Platform to Connect Brands With Ethical and Sustainab

What Dhakai does

Dhakai is a fashion tech startup which aims to overcome the obstacle of brands connecting to verified ethical manufacturers. This is achieved through the startup’s newly relaunched online platform and through direct meetings with Dhakai representatives.

Dhakai's Current Landscape

The fashion industry takes third place when it comes to being the most polluting industry in the world. The apparel supply chain is a large contributor to this statistic, as ethical and sustainable production can be hard to come by. This is where Dhakai comes in.

Company Birth Story

Founded in 2020, Dhakai gets its name from Dhaka, Bangladesh, home of founder and CEO, Russel Karim. Known for being one of the largest garment production cities in the world, Karim saw firsthand the effects that unethical and law-eschewing factories had on his family and friends. This would later influence Karim to create Dhakai.

The Solution

Karim’s vision for Dhakai is to be the future of the apparel supply chain. Dhakai emphasizes having a value chain, making sure all people working within the supply chain are treated fairly and by law.

On Dhakai’s website, one can sign up for free as a ‘brand’ (designer, company, creatives, etc.) or a ‘manufacturer’ (factory, supplier, etc.). Once an account is created, users can showcase their brand or company through their personal dashboard, connect with verified brands and pre-qualified manufacturers, directly message factories, and request price quotations.

All manufacturers that register through Dhakai undergo a screening process to ensure that local government compliances and certifications are met. This process may include in person or virtual visits to each of the factories. With someone always on the front line of the production process, brands are ensured transparency of their product during all steps of the supply chain.

While the roots of Dhakai begin in Bangladesh, the startup works with both brands and manufacturers worldwide. Dhakai’s central office is located in the heart of the midwest, Des Moines, Iowa, an up-and-coming city for business professionals. Other representatives live in Los Angeles, Dhaka, and various cities across the globe.

As of now, over 500 manufacturers and brands are working directly though Dhakai. With the large range of factories through Dhakai, all types of apparel can be produced; from a basic t-shirt to an entirely sustainably made product, brands have easy access to find exactly what they are looking for.

A Customer Story

The startup’s first customer, No Limbits, is a testament to Dhakai’s push for apparel for all. Featured on season 13 of Shark Tank, No Limbits is a leading brand in the adaptive apparel space, which makes stylish and practical clothing for those with limb loss. Dhakai emphasizes that inclusivity and diversity are essential within the fashion industry.

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