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Explore a new world with Dreams Quest

What is Dreams Quest?

Dreams Quest is building the first-ever metaverse-based economy, a self-sustaining DreamsVerse where people will be able to participate in the decentralised play-to-earn RPG game using dynamic NFTs. Unknown factors will affect character attributes in-game, and post-game outcomes will dynamically change the NFT card attributes and write them on the blockchain (the ethereal scribes) to show game history for each card.

Current industry landscape

What’s getting interesting now is the combination of gaming, blockchain, and NFT’s called GameFi. The current business model of gaming means people are earning money for game publishers rather than earning it for themselves. GameFi changes this completely by returning the incentives and the value to the players During the start of the pandemic, a group of friends in the Philippines was out of work and unsure of what they would do next. They came across a new blockchain game called Axie Infinity created by Sky Mavis. In this game, players could earn rewards as they played. Axie uses NFT’s to identify digital items in its game that players can collect, buy, or resell. Players also earn a virtual currency, Smooth Love Potion, that they can convert in to other cryptocurrencies or fiat. More GameFi projects are being released with a similar model to Axie Infinity. Our project Dreams Quest is taking this model one step further. Dreams Quest is a decentralized Play-to-Earn Role Playing Game (RPG) trading card game that uses dynamic NFTs technology. Players experience the game with single-player story quests or join up with their friends in group quests. Players use the collectible card NFT's for a fast-paced strategy card game. This setup allows players to earn $Dreams tokens in the game by going on quests. They also mint NFT's and add value to in-game NFT’s by playing in different situations. In the end, players can resell their NFT's and take their in-game earnings out of the game to the real world.

The creation of Dreams Quest

Co-founder Steve Good had been working in crypto and blockchain since 2016. Over that time, he had done a number of things from advising other projects in marketing and tokenomics, to public speaking at a variety of events, to writing a best selling book for crypto beginners called Be Left Behind. He started his career in software on the pre-sales side and then moved into consulting in financial services which he did for a number of years. But at some point, Steve realised something seemed broken with the whole financial system, something just didn't resonate or make sense to him. The fees were too high, there was too much rivalry inside banks to compete to deliver the same services, and it was all about flashing around your money, not doing good to help others. And he found himself feeling like it just wasn't what he wanted to do anymore. So he left and went into crypto, and discovered so many amazing people and even more innovation.

And what inspired Steve from the beginning when he got into crypto was about how a more democratised place for financial access can be created and control of assets as well as find ways to help people earn money from their hard work. In the early days, Steve got to know project like Electroneum and their goals to help the unbanked and found that inspiring. And as he began to watch how the NFT space started, Steve realised there was something really missing. So in joining up forces with a few others in the industry, they started back in mid 2020 to develop some game concepts using NFTs. And that quickly evolved as they realised they could actually create a play-to-earn game which is both engaging, visually appealing, and also will help people earn some money to pay their bills and perhaps even create some financial freedom.

The goal of the company

Dreams Quest's goal is to be in service to others (not in service to itself). The team all know that building a game should be fun, but it should also bring both entertainment value as well as personal value in the form of some financial benefits. They have spent countless hours developing amazing artwork, they have game designers from the industry who have never worked in crypto, and even have some Netflix video creators helping them make their first video trailer. They have an ex-Holochain head of marketing leading the marketing and creative team, and a Chainlink OG helping with tokenomics and dynamic NFTs. And have some super smart blockchain and front end devs building their dynamic NFT functions, the marketplace and so much more.

About the team

The other two co-founders have been in crypto for a long time. Leslie has been running DEFI Singapore, which is a growing crypto community and he has been running educational courses to help people get started in crypto.

CMO and Creative Director, Paulii, was the head of marketing for Holo and Holochain for 2 years. She has a wealth of experience working for one of the top crypto projects.

The lead game designer John and lead creative game designer Chris G are both experienced in game mechanics and understand the methods of building a game, how to make it balance, how to design all the aspects that makes a game follow standard gaming techniques and how to make sure the game is engaging and fun.

They have a number of designers on the team who are artists and each have their own skills and experiences. None of them are crypto people, but people who really love to create beautiful experiences like the work you can see on the Dreams Quest website and social channels.

They have others on the team who have worked in crypto for the last few years working on the social channels, writing content, and even one of the tokenomics guys, Chris W, who has a background in monetary policy, and was a Chainlink OG who has also been working on the dynamic NFT aspects with us. They have a team of experienced blockchain devs and front end devs as well.

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