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Experience the rise of a unicorn with Uvodo - the eCommerce platform

What Uvodo does

Uvodo is an eCommerce platform offering free comprehensive solutions and tools to help businesses sell products online efficiently and maximize online sales.

Uvodo's Current Landscape

eCommerce sales are 14% in Q4 2020 of total sales, it is a highly competitive and rapidly growing market, with a market size of $16+ trillion US. It’s predicted that, by 2040, 95% of purchases will occur online (Nasdaq Research).

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, new solutions emerge with problems as well. Statistics show that there is still room for new players to enter the market and offer unique features or target specific niches. Uvodo shares the market with giants like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Weebly, etc.

Uvodo's Birth Story

Before Uvodo, there was the team's previous startup, Nextsale, which successfully exited after 3 years of development. Nextsale was a conversion toolset for eCommerce websites. Talking with thousands of merchants, the team saw online seller’s pain points with their current eCommerce platforms: limited customization, pricey solutions, requiring additional costs for adding essential apps & plugins just to operate the online websites properly, etc. The team came up with the idea: “why not build an eCommerce platform that makes merchants happy?” With the same people and mindset, the team decided to build Uvodo.

Uvodo's Solution

The team launched Uvodo’s MVP in January 2022. It is built as a self-hosted & headless eCommerce platform for a one time fee. Being the customer oriented mindset, Uvodo has a Discord community and feature request platform where it gets what customers want. Uvodo got almost 100 feature requests in the first 3 months of the launch with a total of 300 votes for the requested features. The top requested feature is the SaaS version of Uvodo. Now, the team is building Uvodo’s SaaS version that’s planned to be shipped in 3 months.

The main difference between Uvodo and the competitors is that Uvodo is budget friendly and it offers all the tools for free to have a fully functional online store.

The Uvodo team’s vision is making eCommerce easy and accessible for everyone.

Uvodo's Customer Story

Uvodo’s goal is to give an eCommerce solution to online sellers with a minimum of spending and maximum efficiency.

Uvodo's Team Culture

Uvodo has two co-founders: Taleh Karimli (Product designer) and Orkhan Hajiyev (Customer success). The team is international and consists of software developers, a product designer, customer success and content creators; the headcount is 12.

The team believes in discipline. Every day starts with a meetup where everyone shares the plan for the day and every week ends with the next week’s planning.

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