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Exciting Startup: Big Girlz Move Is the Next Big Thing

What Big Girlz Move Does

Big Girlz Move, founded by Ted Colson, is a fitness movement with the plus-sized community in mind. You work at your own pace with the accountability of a trainer that genuinely cares. At Big Girlz Move, you engage with a community of like-minded people to meet your individual health and wellness goals.

Big Girlz Move's Current Landscape

Group fitness is at an all-time high. There are new programs coming online regularly, so the competition is fierce. VShred, Beach Body, and the like are some of our competitors that have been around for a while, but they don't focus on the plus-sized community. And there are always new personal training programs popping up too.

Big Girlz Move launched 4 years ago, with just the right format and structure to provide a service that wasn't being met in the marketplace. They focus on making sure they have moves everyone can do, keeping the workout simple, yet challenging to reach the health and wellness goals of each member.

Big Girlz Move's Birth Story

When Ted joined the training industry, he saw that the plus-sized community wasn’t getting enough attention. All the trainers in Metro Atlanta were looking for the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) type of women to train. He decided to show plus-sized women some love and they grew to love him back. He created this online program to reach plus-sized women around the world.

Big Girlz Move's Solution

Big Girlz Move is the number one online platform created to combat obesity nationally. Their platform differs from competitors because they configured the perfect mixture of entertainment, education, and intensity that the plus-sized community needs. They have you laughing, sweating, and learning all at the same time.

They also include plus-sized women in our workout videos, giving our members more motivation when they see someone who looks like them also putting in the work to improve their health and wellness. This program has over 1,000 people who have lost over 100 pounds within the last 4 years! They're continuously striving towards our million-pound mark—their goal is to help our clients lose a total of one million pounds nationally.

Additionally, they currently offer a free 30-day online training trial. This helps our community get a jump start on reaching their health and wellness goals, get to know Ted, and truly make this workout commitment a part of their regular routine before they spend a single penny.

A Customer Story

Client Success Story available via video on our Facebook page: FOX 5 Atlanta Portia Bruner with Big Girlz Move! Shout out to their client, Alix Prempeh, for showing the world how they put in this work together to improve her life.

A Founder Quote

“No FUPA shall prosper!”

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