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everheal prioritises the wellness of autoimmune sufferers

What is everheal?

A new company, everheal, offers hope for autoimmune sufferers with a guided, 90-day wellness program to help them transition to an anti-inflammatory diet to overcome the crippling effects of brain fog and chronic fatigue.

Current industry landscape

Currently the world is facing a global pandemic and so looking after one's health has never been more important. Additionally, autoimmune disease and chronic illness continues to rise – some by over 300% in the last 50 years! One of the most overlooked sources of immune health is actually the home to trillions of microbes in our body - “the gut” - which is said to make up 70-80% of the human immune system.

Although it was recognised even as early as 400 BC, when Hippocrates said “all disease begins in the gut”, gut health continues to be an emerging field of research, and is not considered a mainstream focal point when treating disease or the symptoms that arise. Because of this, very few health and wellness programs exist, that are designed to address gut health issues, despite it being thought of as the “root cause of most chronic disease” by naturopaths and functional medicine practitioners alike.

The creation of the everheal

In 2019, everheal was born, after it’s Director, Allyson Brown, suffered a debilitating MS relapse resulting in her being forced to resign from her job as an analyst.

Allyson was diagnosed with MS in 2005 during the second year of her PhD in analytical research. After struggling with crippling fatigue and brain fog in 2018, she was forced to resign from her job, and felt like a prisoner in her own body. She spent months sitting on her couch as a zombie, suffering from sugar and junk food addiction wondering what had happened to her life. The future didn’t look promising.

Desperate to get her life back, Allyson reluctantly decided to start eating an anti-inflammatory diet, but didn’t expect anything to come of it. Miraculously, within 3 months, her brain function and energy returned, and she no longer had anxiety or depression! Baffled by her results, Allyson started researching and uncovered the remarkable links between diet and autoimmunity from some of the top researchers and functional medicine practitioners from across the globe.

With her newfound knowledge, Allyson needed to share this incredible information to help others struggling with chronic fatigue, brain fog and autoimmunity, to improve their health and quality of life too.

That’s when everheal was born.

But the road for Allyson to transition to clean-eating, wasn’t easy. In fact, in the second week, exhausted by the extra effort in preparing meals and sourcing healthy food, Allyson was ready to quit, feeling like the effort was not going to pay off. Fortuitously, she reached out to someone online who had been through the transition themselves, and urged her to keep going.

She is so glad she did! But it wasn’t an easy road.

After experiencing her own issues with transitioning to eating an anti-inflammatory diet, making mistakes along the way and not really knowing where to start, Allyson developed her LIFE Formula Program - a step-by-step program to help people make the transition to clean eating to improve brain fog and chronic fatigue in 90 days, using simple diet and lifestyle changes that anyone can adopt!

After eating an anti-inflammatory diet for almost 4 years (where she did not have an MS relapse), Allyson somehow fell back into her old habits and regrettably experience her 2018 relapse. “If I knew back then, what I know now, I would not have gone back to my old habits. Because I would have truly put my health first and understood the importance of my food choices”, Allyson says.

“I had never really heard about gut health, especially when it came to autoimmunity and symptoms like brain fog and fatigue. When I started researching it, it was like a light bulb went off… and I knew I had to start helping other people who were struggling like I was. Not only could I give them the basic knowledge to understand WHY the gut is so important, but also teach them how our food choices impact our health, and most importantly, the ways in which to improve them”

The everheal mission

The LIFE Formula Program is structured in a very deliberate way, to help others be knowledgeable and mindful about the changes they are making, which is much different from other diet and lifestyle programs. The word LIFE, is actually an acronym which stands for:

  • L = Learn the Basics

    • Build your foundational knowledge and discover the 3-key principles to good health so you can become your own health expert

  • I = Identify Your Habits

    • Work through methods to recognise & overcome bad habits relating to diet & lifestyle that are holding you back from your best health

  • F = Find a Better Way

    • Unlock your potential with the Daily REFRESH Checklist & learn how it can help support a healthy diet & lifestyle

  • E = Embrace New Beginnings

    • Discover simple & practical changes you can try to help incorporate clean living into your everyday life to improve your health for years to come!

The program simplifies the transition to clean eating with Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Information Guides, an e-journal, as well as providing support, guidance and accountability through daily videos, daily challenges (with cash prize incentives!), an exclusive online community and weekly group coaching sessions to help you stay on track.

“My vision for the future is to start a health revolution!” says Allyson.

“There are currently 320 million people across the globe needlessly struggling with 1 or more autoimmune conditions, and the debilitating symptoms. And yet, only 5% of them make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes to improve their health. I want to tip the scales to 20%, maybe 50% or even more!”

Allyson believes that her LIFE Formula Program can help millions of people all over the world to live better, and she is dedicating her life to do just that!

Client experience

Clients like Jan are getting results in as little as 2 weeks:

“Woke up feeling a good kind of different.

So got on scales, 1.5 weeks in, I’ve lost 1.5kg.

And more importantly my tummy and head are starting to feel better.

Early days but feeling quietly happy with all how things are going. Definitely worth the effort and a few rough days”

Or Kris:

“I probably just worry about my calcium intake. I used to eat/drink a lot of dairy. Mind you after cutting it out over the past 6 weeks and eating clean (most of the time), I just stood on the scales and I’ve lost 7kg’s!!!”

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