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EverBlume: Blooming Together - Small Group Recovery Support Meetings

What EverBlume does

EverBlume provides online small group recovery meetings with a recovery coach facilitator where groups are matched according to what challenges they are experiencing (i.e., life transition, lack of self-confidence, early sobriety). The goal is conversation and long-term connection. It is building community by leveraging the strength of peer support.

The Current Landscape

The current recovery meeting landscape is a mix of traditional and alternative options. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has long been the standard, but it does have its limitations. AA requires participants to accept a higher power and admit powerlessness over alcohol, which might not resonate with everyone seeking help. Additionally, other non 12 step drop-in model meetings lack a sense of connection among members due to their impersonal nature. Meetings of unlimited size can lead to some individuals feeling lost or unheard in the crowd. As a result, there is a growing demand for more diverse recovery options that cater to individual preferences, beliefs, and foster a stronger sense of community and support.

Company Birth Story

Everblume's inception was driven by a compelling need for a supportive sober community that catered to the unique struggles of its members. After extensive research there was an obvious lack of platforms that matched individuals based on their specific challenges. Realizing this gap, Everblume was created to fill the void - a pioneering space where people could find solace and companionship with like-minded peers.

The Solution

Everblume stands out from its competitors through its unique approach of actively promoting conversation and fostering genuine connections among its members. While many programs and meetings discourage conversation. The innovative approach of encouraging "crosstalk " contrary to traditional norms, sets Everblume apart as a open space for honest conversations.

Everblume embraces it conversation and connection, encouraging back-and-forth dialogues, feedback, advice, and support. This creates an inclusive atmosphere where individuals feel like part of a true family, free from judgment and fear, enabling them to share vulnerably. Unlike other platforms, Everblume maintains consistent group dynamics from week to week, nurturing strong connections between its members. The integration of Slack further strengthens these bonds, offering round-the-clock support whenever they need it, fostering a tightly-knit and supportive community that transcends the limitations of traditional programs.

A Customer Story

An EverBlume member ‘Ruby’ has a touching story about the power of groups. At her first meeting she was skeptical and a little defensive. She believed that no one could truly understand her struggles as a professional, a devoted mother, and a caregiver for her elderly parents. Each day, exhaustion weighed heavily on her, and that one glass of wine she looked forward to became a crutch that multiplied.

However, something beautiful happened along the way. Ruby listened intently to each member's heartfelt shares, and by her third meeting, she found her voice. She bravely shared her own story, engaged in meaningful conversations, and sought advice from others who walked a similar path. We could witness her transformation unfold before our eyes.

She felt a connection she didn’t believe was possible. and the support she received had become a lifeline, illuminating a path toward healing.

Ruby is now 35 days alcohol-free.

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