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Eve’s Disclosure - Introducing antimicrobial and hypoallergenic undies for the modern woman

What the company does?

Eve’s Disclosure was founded in 2021 In New York City and is one of the first health-conscious, eco-friendly underwear companies, made by women for women, that blurs the line between comfort and sexiness. Eve’s Disclosure empowers and celebrates women and their bodies by creating sustainable, gynecologist-tested products that feel good and supports a healthy resting place for every Vulva.

The Current Landscape

The market is currently going in the sustainable direction, with every brand looking at how can do more for the environment and trying to offset their overseas production in one way or in another. Many practices are being explored which are extremely good for the planet and for the people since more and more we are looking for products that are fair trade, although nobody is addressing the core purpose of the garment, which should be health.

Company Birth Story

Let’s go back to 2019… Founder, Camilla Bottari was on a romantic trip to Sweden and ended up with missing luggage, so she needed to find (you guessed it), clean undies! Losing your luggage is already a pain on its own, but imagine being on a romantic getaway without clean, sexy underwear! What should have been an easy task, turned out to be incredibly difficult, especially since Camilla is an adult allergy sufferer, and she couldn’t buy just any underwear. She needed to find something organic, non-synthetic, and healthy that was also sexy… After hours of looking, she came up with nothing better than plain cotton panties, that definitely didn’t feel sexy. It felt like you couldn’t be sexy and healthy at the same time. Current brands didn’t reflect the average woman but seemed to show the “too sexy” woman or the woman who simply didn’t care. It was then that Camilla decided to make a change: a new definition of sexy. Healthy is sexy. Eve’s Disclosure was born in 2021.

The Solution

Finally, a brand that brings awareness and knowledge to women about their bodies, how they work, and what it needs, while regaining confidence through pleasure. Eve’s Disclosure provides information from experts, dispels myths, and provides undies you want to wear all day and are excited to show off at night. The first pair of undies certified by Tencel and IONIC+, antimicrobial and anti odor designed and manufactured in NYC gynecologyst tested and approved. Eve’s Disclosure was named after the first woman. A stronger and more knowledgeable, Eve wants to disclose her journey, experience, and lessons learned by making it her mission to educate women to ultimately be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to the health of their most delicate body part.

The Team Culture

In Eve’s Disclosure’s core team, they have their editor, a team of doctors, and marketing strategist and precious bloggers.

Their team is 99% female and they share the mission and value of wanting to educate women to become proactive rather than reactive when it comes to their health.

Health is wealth and Knowledge is power are their motto.

A founder quote

“In the health-conscious world we currently live in, it was amazing that the same ideals we utilize for what we put in our bodies was not being practiced for what we put on our bodies”.

“I knew if I was searching for a product that was good for my body and the environment while embracing my womanhood, there was an audience out there searching for it as well.” – Camilla Bottari

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