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Empowering Entrepreneurs to Achieve Success and Fulfill Their Dreams

What EPIC47 does

EPIC47 is a prominent company specializing in Strategic Business Consulting & Venture Building, excels in driving businesses towards swift effective success and profitability. Understanding the trials faced by entrepreneurs, it was established by an experienced entrepreneur driven by a sincere passion to help aspiring owners transform their dreams into tangible achievements.

The Current Landscape

Envisioning a future where entrepreneurial spirit flourishes, EPIC47 also aims to foster the growth of additional Venture Builders. By sharing their knowledge and experience, they empower others to embark on the path of venture building, multiplying the impact they can make in the business world. Venture Building is a great segway to being a Venture Capitalist and the industries are endless.

While Venture Capitalist Firms pose as EPIC47's primary competition, the company distinguishes itself as a Venture Builder, relying solely on sweat equity to fuel its endeavors. By prioritizing hands-on involvement and strategic guidance, EPIC47 paves the way for its evolution into a future Venture Capitalist role, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards ultimate success.

Company Birth Story

Jen, the visionary founder of EPIC47, possesses an innate ability to start businesses and thrives on witnessing others create the lives and businesses of their dreams. With a passion for entrepreneurship ingrained in her nature, she brings invaluable insights and expertise to the table. Jen, a natural entrepreneur, demonstrated her creativity and business savviness from an early age. Prior to founding EPIC47, she achieved success with a unique chocolate business. However, a heart condition led her to temporarily step away from entrepreneurship. In 2012, she founded SouthCoast Mamas & Babies, a facebook group of local parents that turned into a community of over 7k families. The calling of the business world persisted, and amidst a heart attack, she established BeYOUtiful Collective Apparel Company, an inspirational clothing line. With the success of her first company, she ventured into the childcare industry, founding Mamas & Babysitters, a comprehensive babysitting experience and nannying agency. Juggling two businesses and raising three children, Jen's life became quite hectic. The high demand for childcare services during the pandemic prompted her to launch Mamas & Housecleaners, a full-service residential and commercial cleaning company. Having an innate knack for business and a deep understanding of its fundamentals, Jen's entrepreneurial journey led to the inevitable birth of EPIC47. Realizing her dream at a Strategic Business Consulting Firm, she perceived all types of businesses as sharing the same core principles. Identifying problems and finding solutions became second nature to her.

EPIC47's mission is rooted in helping individuals who possess a dream but lack the know-how to bring it to fruition. Guided by the belief that limitless possibilities await those with the courage to pursue their ideas, EPIC47 strives to unleash the full potential of every aspiring entrepreneur they encounter.

The Solution

With EPIC47 as their steadfast guide, entrepreneurs can embark on a transformative journey, turning their dreams into a vibrant reality and embracing a life of purpose and accomplishment. As 2022 came to a close, EPIC47 embarked on a promising journey with numerous clients and potential business collaborations. With ambitions set high, EPIC47 aimed to forge partnerships with a minimum of four businesses by year-end, and the count continued to rise. Setting itself apart from competitors, EPIC47 embraced a unique approach fueled by the founder's unwavering passion. With a deep-rooted belief that her own success lies in the success of others, she fostered a culture of collaboration over competition. Implementing a business structure that empowers and uplifts fellow leaders and business owners, EPIC47 brought about transformative change in their lives.

A Customer Story

Review from current business client: I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to call Jen Potter my business mentor. I first met Jen 2 years ago when I moved to the area. I was in desperate need of childcare. This was a complicated position to fill as we were in the middle of the pandemic and my son was labeled medically fragile at birth. Jen was able to find multiple candidates for us to interview, until we found one was a perfect fit. Less than a year later I opened my own business. As I have spent my entire career in the public sector, I was very out of my element. I needed a business mentor to walk me through the startup process. Again, I reached out to Jen Potter to ask for her help. She did not hesitate to agree to help me. Jen immediately made time in her busy schedule to meet with me and begin mapping out a strategy to get my business moving and profitable. She began each session asking how I had progressed since our last meeting. She will then refer to list of questions she has prepared. These questions are designed and worded to guide me towards some other issue that I had accounted for. Once the issue is identified she will offer feedback on my proposed solutions. Often, I am even given homework at the end of our meeting To ensure that I am making progress between our meetings. Despite working tirelessly on her own ventures, it is clear that Jen Potter allocates time and energy to consider my business needs and how best to advise me. In the short time since Jen Potter began acting as my mentor, my marketing strategy has been completely revised, I have attended several marketing and networking events and made great strides in turning this venture into a profitable business. I am terrifically grateful for all her help. Jason C.

The Team Culture

The current company is solely reliant on Jen and her expertise. Over the next year we are looking to add current clients/business partners and future leaders to our team!

A founder quote

As Jen reflects on her journey, she shares an inspiring perspective, "If we do not wake up and live our best lives, when we look back, was it really living?" Driven by this philosophy, EPIC47 is dedicated to propelling entrepreneurs towards a future defined by achievement, fulfillment, and unparalleled success.

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