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Elara: Transforming maintenance know-how and intuition into data-driven insights

What Elara does

Elara’s mission is to transform maintenance know-how and intuition into data-driven insights. Recognizing that user-friendly maintenance software is essential for this transformation, Elara has developed the most user-friendly maintenance software tailored to the specific needs of maintenance teams. This software integrates seamlessly into the daily work routines of maintenance professionals worldwide.

The Current Landscape

Maintenance teams still rely heavily on paper-based processes, leading to inefficiencies and data silos. Digital transformation is essential, with preventive maintenance and IoT integration paving the way. Our biggest competitor is Microsoft Excel, and employees in the maintenance industry who don’t want to change their status quo.

Company Birth Story

There is a significant gap between the current state of the manufacturing industry and the potential of Industry 4.0. Many maintenance technicians still rely on pen, paper, and Excel spreadsheets to document routine maintenance and simple repairs. This outdated method results in inefficiencies, such as knowledge being tied to specific individuals, inaccessibility of important documents during unplanned downtimes, and the risk of losing or misinterpreting handwritten information. Additionally, existing software solutions are often expensive and require extensive customization. This gap inspired the creation of a cloud-based application to streamline maintenance operations for manufacturing companies.

The Solution

Elara was founded by Akram Alraai and Dominik Adamowski in Berlin in 2020 with the vision of developing a user-friendly and intuitive maintenance solution that seamlessly integrates into the workflows of maintenance teams worldwide. Elara’s software transforms experience and intuition into data-driven insights, sustainably optimizing maintenance processes. Trusted by renowned customers such as Adidas, Nike, FedEx, BEUMER Group, and other leading companies, Elara’s software is relied upon by small and medium-sized enterprises as well as international corporations for its quality and reliability.

A founder quote

“Elara's maintenance software offers a modern and intuitive user interface for maintenance and production teams that is optimized for tablets and smartphones. With Elara, you can work across departments with unlimited users: Maintenance, Production, Quality Management, Purchasing, Logistics and Facility Management. For a better overview, transparency, and traceability in maintenance.”

Akram Alraai - Co-Founder & CEO Elara Digital GmbH

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