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Efani: The Revolutionary Mobile Network That Prioritizes Your Security

What Efani does

Efani is a mobile network provider that puts security and privacy first. It was founded in 2019 by Haseeb Awan, a sim swap (4x) victim whose solution was applauded by many.

The Current Landscape

The current mobile network industry is plagued by data breaches, identity theft, and fraud. Most mobile network providers do not prioritize their customer's security, leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Efani is different because it provides end-to-end encryption, a carrier that doesn’t sell information, and SIM swapping protection, among other security features.

Company Birth Story

Haseeb Awan started Efani after realizing a gap in the market for a mobile network provider that truly prioritized its customers' security. He wanted to create a company that would empower people to take control of their digital lives and protect their personal information from sim swapping.

The Solution

Efani's (Secure Mobile) mission is to provide customers with a secure and private mobile network experience. Its vision is to create a world where people can connect without worrying about their privacy and security being compromised.

A Customer Story

One of Efani's customers shared how the company has changed their life. The client had been a victim of sim swap fraud and identity theft (just like Haseeb Awan) before switching to Efani, but they have not had any issues since then. The client feels more secure and confident using their mobile phone for business and personal purposes.

The Team Culture

Efani's core team is made up of experienced cybersecurity professionals who are passionate about making the digital world a safer place. They care deeply about their customers' security and work tirelessly to develop innovative solutions to protect them from cyber threats.

A founder quote

Phone numbers have become an increasingly popular target for hackers due to their widespread use as SMS authentication. With the rise of sim swap attacks and other vulnerabilities, phone numbers may be more prone to hacking than SSNs. At Efani, we believe that everyone deserves to have a secure and private mobile network experience, and we're committed to making that a reality - Haseeb Awan.

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