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Education and Coaching That Helps Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Business

What Humanitarian Entrepreneur does?

Humanitarian Entrepreneur empowers its community through education, coaching, and resources, daring to think outside-the-box on what it means to change the world outside of the traditional path, allowing for more opportunity and freedom in hours, location, and compensation.

The Current Landscape

Few others currently exist in this space and those “competitors” that do, are not approaching the conversation from this angle - and this is a conversation that is very much needed!

Too many qualified professionals are unable to find traditional positions or feel locked into where they currently are, despite feeling depleted.  Humanitarian Entrepreneur takes an “out of the box” approach to the traditional job search and asserts that if you are not able to find the role you are looking for, create it!  A radical concept within this traditional space.

Company Birth Story

The company was created after the founder had health issues and needed to find opportunities with the flexibility to work from home when she was too ill for her office position.  After other failed attempts at finding a suitable opportunity that was in alignment with her values, consulting fell into her lap. Once she started, she had others constantly telling her how lucky she was to be able to work in this way.  That’s when she started coaching.  To tell others, she is not an exception, others can do this, too!

The Solution

In addition to her individual coaching and nonprofit consulting, she runs a podcast that features others who have a thriving business, making a positive impact in the world, in a nontraditional way.

Humanitarian Entrepreneur hopes to be an inspiration and give people options!

A Customer Story

Tiffany is the real deal.  Her coaching helps break down what are sometimes overwhelming thoughts and feelings, and works one-on-one with what are manageable pieces to help with decision making.  One's career is always a big consideration but there are also so many other aspects she can help coach us through. I liked how she thinks outside the box, is objective and considers other perspectives to help us.  I found Tiffany to be calm, encouraging and very knowledgeable.  Not only did I find the right coach for me, I think I also found a friend. - Tina (Canada)

I found myself at the end of the crossroads, wondering what path to take next. Do I continue  to walk down the path were I found comfort  in my routine and the stability  of it all? Or do I go towards a path less travelled? Being burned out personally  and professionally  I realized  I needed to seek out someone who could help me thrive. Tiffany helped me seek the answers to the questions I have been asking myself, and has been encouraging with new tools so I could be successful. I have noticed  a change in my way of thinking and others  have made encouraging comments on my personal growth. When I first spoke with Tiffany the question was, "are you ready to do the work?" Honestly, answering that question is the first step in making the change for yourself and within yourself.  She helped me see the cracks in my foundation, but helped me rebuild. - Shirlee (United States)

A founder quote

Changing the world doesn’t have to look just one way.  We are each able to tap into our unique talents and leverage our gifts to make the positive change we are looking to make to uplift and repair the world in our own way.

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