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Earn Money While Gaming with People Worldwide: a16z-BackedStartup EPAL.GG Turns Gamers'Dream

What E-PAL does

E-PAL is a social platform for gamers to make friends worldwide through playing video games. E-PAL offers gamers the ability to hire and play with the most engaging gamers, creators, and pros to sharpen their skills, ensure safe, toxic-free multiplayer sessions, or just socialize and talk about shared interests.

E-PAL's Current Landscape

The game companion service provided by E-PAL is truly unique, as E- PAL has no significant competitors in this niche market. Founded in 2020 and now with 1.8M registered users, E-PAL is the best-in-class social network for gaming enthusiasts.

E-PAL is also considered the largest gaming freelancer platform where 170k verified ePals (service providers on the site) are offering services for gamers worldwide. The top 25% ePals make 500 USD a month, while the top 1% ePals make 4,700+ USD a month. ePal has become a popular side hustle for a lot of gamers.

Company Birth Story

E-PAL was created by a team of avid gamers, who recognized the impact of the global lockdowns during the 2020 pandemic. They observed that people's social lives were on hold, and as gamers themselves, they understood the value of gaming as a social outlet. Furthermore, they realized that as gamers grow older and face the responsibilities of adulthood, gaming with real-life friends becomes increasingly challenging. Additionally, the pressures and anxieties of the real world can further impede social gaming experiences. Thus, the E-PAL team set out to build a bridge - a platform that connects gamers from all around the world, enabling them to enjoy their hobbies together, regardless of their physical location. With a mission to foster a vibrant global gaming community, E-PAL is a passion project brought to life by gamers, for gamers.

The Solution

The E-PAL community has two roles: ePals and Gamers. ePal is a group of passionate gamers who enjoy providing companionship to others. They are reviewed by the platform, they share about themselves, and they provide both free and paid companionship services to everyone. Gamers can choose to play with an ePal, or sign up as one to help others too.

The cornerstone of the E-PAL community is companionship. E-PAL has helped more than a million gamers to find friends, coaches or even soul mates through games, voice chat and community connections. This impressive result is achieved with the help of more than 170 thousand ePals from all over the world, providing service and companionship to people in need. They are the pioneers of this industry, and they built this community.

E-PAL aims to become one of the largest gaming hubs in the world. E-PAL wants to provide genuine connections to all while also helping ePals to support themselves for the services and time they provide. This is a bumpy ride, but it is a ride everyone at E-PAL community will have together.

A Customer Story

I found E-PAL after I had to quit my job during the pandemic because of medical reasons. I am very grateful with E-PAL because it allowed me to work from home doing something I enjoy which is gaming. What I like the most about E-PAL is that I met people from very different backgrounds and cultures. It allowed me to improve my English and to make friends from very different places, even from countries that I never heard before. E-PAL helped me to improve my confidence when talking to others, especially in another language.

It warms my heart to think that now I have friends all over the world, and no matter how far we are from each other we have many things in common, and I am lucky to share their company by playing, watching movies and sometimes just talking.”

Supplement materials: See What Users Say about EPAL.GG: see-what-users-say-about-epal-gg-92dd1f5eb8b0

The Team Culture

It's obvious that gaming is a common passion among the members of the core team at E-PAL. After work hours, it's not surprising to find team members teaming up in video games, further fostering camaraderie. In fact, E-PAL even hosts small internal tournaments to promote team bonding and enjoyment of video games. Some of the most popular games among the core team members include League of Legends, Genshin Impact, CS: GO, Honor of Kings, and World of Warcraft. These gaming experiences not only create a fun and engaging team culture, but also provide opportunities for team members to connect on a more personal level, fostering a cohesive work environment.

A founder quote

Brian Xiong, the Co-Founder and CEO of EPAL:

“I am also a gamer myself, and I am happy to create a great industry and a respectable career with all the ePals. The vision of EPAL is to build a bridge of sharing and companionship for gamers all over the world, and ePals as sharers are the most critical part of this vision.”

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