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Diversity Models – An Industry Breaking Modelling Agency for the Confident, Curvy and Cultural

What Diversity Models does

Diversity Models is a modelling agency specialising in providing curve and cultural models for businesses in the lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty industry in Australia and Singapore. The agency aims to bring naturally beautiful everyday models who are relatable and body confident to businesses who value diversity in their marketing and branding.

Diversity Models Current Landscape

Diversity Models modelling agency is currently breaking industry barriers by highlighting the importance of businesses engaging and embracing the beauty of multicultural models, mature aged models, family models and models with “normal” physiques. Previously the industry only generally accepted tall, skinny and/or Caucasian models or saw beauty in models with botox lips or implants. However businesses are starting to notice the value of using everyday looking models who are more relatable to their customers. In the industry, Diversity Models does not have any specific competitors as the brand intentionally goes against the grain and hires models who are diverse.

Diversity Models modelling agency generally competes in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne regions at a small scale as it is a brand new modelling agency. Competitors may be existing modelling agencies who are well established within the fashion and beauty industry.

Diversity Models Birth Story

Diversity Models was founded by Australian born commercial model, Monique Jeremiah. As a highly ethnically ambiguous multicultural model with a Portuguese Malaysian heritage, Monique broke barriers in modelling by entering the industry as a mature aged model with an international face, significant curves and a shorter than average stature. She proved against all odds she didn’t need to look like other past industry models to achieve a fulfilling career as a model.

After winning runner up in an international beauty pageant in the USA and making the spontaneous decision of swapping her 13 year teaching career to become a full-time model in the middle of Covid- 19, she started the agency in July 2022. After modelling in Singapore and Australia Monique and being constantly encouraged to start an agency or asked whether she owned an agency because of her highly social personality, business acumen and undeniable passion for people and modelling, Diversity Models was born.

The Solution

Diversity Models purposefully fills the gap in the modelling industry by deliberately hiring and placing multicultural models, mature aged models and curve models in photographic and video-based modelling projects to match the appearance clients’ ideal customers. Diversity Models is a modelling agency that thinks like a marketer and true entrepreneur. Thus, Diversity Models is a win-win for models, business clients and brands.

As a result of Diversity Models’ aggressive marketing efforts and genuine love of people, it is creating an unexpected culture of FOMO. Models want to work with the agency as it is known for being different, being daring and being a wonderful social experience. It is unintentionally attracting models who are over 30 and highly driven career professionals and successful entrepreneurs in their own right. As a result Diversity Models is creating a culture of highly confident, positive and down to earth business people who uplift each other to grow together and have fun as a models. Clients in turn are attracted to Diversity Models because models are recognised to be social, easy to work with and are genuinely happy people.

The overall vision of the company is to be Australia’s leading modelling agency for diverse models. Diversity Models stands for Confidence, Curves, Culture.

A Customer Story

Diversity Models is changing lives because the agency is embracing mums, dads, professionals and entrepreneurs who never considered themselves to be potential models, the chance to truly thrive in modelling. It is giving matured aged models, multicultural models and curve models the once in a lifetime chance to be seen and appreciated in a world where being short, curvier, older or culturally different was never once appreciated in modelling.

The Team Culture

Diversity Models is simply driven by confidence, passion and success as a team. The agency’s empowerment song is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” as it embodies people being truly liberated and simply having fun. During any team shoot, the agency will film the team’s models dancing crazily together to this song as the agency spirit is all about having fun, loving who you are and supporting one another to grow as models. Diversity Models is an incredible opportunity for models to thrive and grow personally outside of their normal careers and to find a new level of happiness.

A founder quote

Passion and Persistence are the Keys to Success – Monique Jeremiah

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