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Disrupting Meetings with MAGIC!

What the company does

meetmagic is a smart matching platform for business leaders bridging the gap between their busy schedules and giving back. This problem isn't about the money being wasted through pointless meetings. It's about people's experience at work. It's about how we spend our time together and the quality of our lives.

They are on a mission to improve the value of modern day meetings for leaders while contributing towards corporate social responsibility and net zero targets.

They curate rich conversations with world-class companies that solve critical business challenges.

The Current Landscape

Executives spend a lot of time attending conferences to understand new and emerging technology and other trends and the companies that provide them - but they find after attending they get a lot of recurring emails and meeting requests which leads to endless spam and meeting requests that are not targeted to their specific needs.

meetmagic has fixed that problem with an Ai led B2B matching platform to make it easy for business leaders to connect with the market for relevant conversations and by doing so they can also make a difference to ESG targets

Choose your impact from 1 meeting

340 tonnes of C02 Removed from the atmosphere ✨ 18

Seriously ill children supported Starlight Childrens

Foundation ✨ 20 Kids with Cancer supported Camp

Quality ✨ $700 to Cure Kids towards health research in

New Zealand ✨ 10 Low income families receive nutritious

food for a whole month in Singapore ✨ 300 Children in

hospital supported in UK ✨ Provide a brand-new wardrobe

to 140 individuals experiencing vulnerability ✨ Support 5

families through their NICU journey

Company Birth Story

in 2017 meetmagic saw an opportunity to create a sustainable fundraising model for charities by helping executives and business leaders solve real business problems. Simply by repurposing B2B marketing funds. The concept is simple, meetmagic supports the SDGs by connecting business leaders with vetted subject matter experts from a global partner network to leverage insights, stay informed and make better business decisions.

The Solution has built an Ai platform that matches executive members with business partner members based on the preferences set by both sides. This leads to curated conversations that are purposeful and productive

Each meeting can help a charity, or it can offset 200-340 tonnes Co2 through tokenised carbon offsetting on the blockchain helping to contribute towards climate targets

Business partner members can request to meet with Executive members, the platform handles all of the scheduling and after each meeting a donation is made to a cause. So far more than 1000 executive members from 300 companies in 4 countries are using the platform to meet with 65 global technology companies offering their insights into some of the worlds biggest challenges around Cyber Security, Digital Transformation and customer experience and many more.

A Customer Story

meetmagic has donated over $1m to charities, including becoming a platinum partner of Starlight Children Foundation - helping over 30,000 seriously ill children.

The Team Culture

Rebecca - Head of Partnerships - Kindness and Caring and now a

leading women in tech

Vicky - Head of Customer Experience - mother of 2 young boys and

now a leading women in tech

Christine - Singapore Development - considerate bike riding


Carl - Founder - Giving

Priyanka - CTO - The calm amongst a storm

Dipesh - Full stack Developer - Father and genius

Jo - (Uk) - Caring and getting things done

Pui-Yu - Marketing Quality Control

Karina - Team culture and Coach - Purposeful and supportive

Miah - Marketing intern - still at her best life

Karissa - USA - Market development - Energising

A founder quote

"Id like to give away $250m before I die and for my last cheque to bounce. Ill be satisfied then, that Ive made the world a little bit better off." - Owner

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