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Digitize the Logistics Experience with Warehousing1

What is Warehousing1?

Warehousing1 is a Berlin-based logtech startup that aims to improve and digitize the logistics experience for ecommerce brands around the globe. The company offers online retail brands fulfillment solutions that scale with their business and can be booked “on-demand”.

Current Industry Landscape

The logistics industry is still lagging behind in terms of digital capabilities. Especially in Europe, ecommerce brands are experiencing frustration when setting up or expanding their logistics. At the same time, accelerated by the pandemic, ecommerce is booming globally, leading to substantial growth of D2C retail brands looking for flexible logistics solutions. Warehousing1 and some other logtech companies have recognized the huge potential for improvement.

Company Birth Story

The idea for the startup was created by three entrepreneurs – Nico Szeli, Nils Aschmann, and Fabian Sedlmayr – who met while studying business in Munich, Germany. Founded in 2018, the company quickly moved to Berlin, one of the main startup hubs in Europe. After successful seed financing, Warehousing1 kept growing and investing in its own tech department. In 2021, Leandro Loiacono joined as new CTPO to further drive the development of the core product. Loiacono previously acted as CTO at the exceptional French startup Sendinblue.

The Solution

At the core is a software component that enables integration of the shop systems of the ecommerce brands and warehouse management systems of the logistics providers. Warehousing1 enables an integration in system combinations that were previously not compatible. Through the full integration, the fulfillment processes are significantly improved.

A Customer Story

The calisthetics sports brand Gornation, which is now the market leader in its niche, was able to start their fulfillment project only two weeks after the first contact to Warehousing1. With the new set-up, Gornation also saves 20% on fixed costs every month.

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