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Improve the construction industry with Dibbs

What is Dibbs?

Dibbs is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can find materials and services more efficiently. The app reduces the friction out of bidding, buying, and selling products/services in the marketplace. Dibbs helps people do things better, faster, at a lower cost. Its mission is to improve the construction industry.

The current industry landscape

Currently, in the construction industry, the process of finding and bidding on materials is a paper-heavy process. While a lot of contractors are inundated with projects already, many have expressed a need for finding the correct materials for an affordable price and that fits their timeline. Searching and contacting various sellers often requires multiple searches if your project has more than one aspect. This adds time and tedious work to one's current project.

The birth of the company

The founder of Dibbs always had an entrepreneurial mindset. During his time as a real estate developer and general contractor, he ran into the problem of paying high interest on projects and knew that he needed to seek new financing options. He decided to join a local country club called the Aquidneck Club because he knew that it would connect him to a larger network of financiers and investors. While the membership did put him in touch with new connections, the conversations that he had with these members sparked new ideas and ultimately led him to creating a vision for Dibbs.

"As a contractor myself, I was tired of spending countless hours searching for projects and materials. It was tedious and would cause me to lose out on potential jobs. That is what inspired me to create Dibbs."

How the company works

Dibbs is an IOS, Smartphone app that takes the friction out of bidding, buying, and selling products and services in the construction and real estate marketplace. The app allows users to save time, money, and energy by finding jobs 50% faster. The user creates a post and shares the materials they are looking for or the job they need to be completed. Then, they can receive bids, compare the bids and select from experts that are local, affordable, reliable, or all of the above. From there, users have the ability to message or video chat with bidders to review project expectations and milestones and see if they are a match for you. Agree and shake on it - it’s that easy! Dibbs benefits suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, and more.

The team culture

Dibbs has a team of innovative and big thinkers. They have 5 core values:

Think Big - Dibbs is a company founded on bold thinking. It embraces opportunities and appreciate new ideas brought to our team, regardless of its success or failure. There is no chance to grow without being bold.

Be Accountable - Dibbs holds itself and each other accountable in the day-to-day operations. It is important to acknowledge who owns what. If it is said, then it is done.

Have Integrity - Dibbs truly believes that ‘trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.’ That is why Dibbs instills integrity into its core foundation. Do what’s right, always speak up, don’t be afraid to seek help.

Be Passionate - Be open to new ideas. Learn more every day. Ask questions. Seek out and find answers. Bring new solutions. Adapt - Dibbs functions in an industry that is constantly evolving. Always be prepared, know your environment, and plan to adjust. Check them out:

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