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Democratising Governance For a New Generation Ofleaders

What the company does?

The Corporate Governance Institute is the fastest growing provider of education and certification for board directors and aspiring board members around the world. After only 18 months of selling their diploma, they are the largest single provider of certified directors on the market.

The Current Landscape

Their three main competitors in providing education and certification for board directors and aspiring board members around the world are:

Institute Of Directors


UCD Smurfit

They are different to their competitors because they are:

Fully online: They offer the full edtech experience of self-paced, agile learning so they are completely focused on the student experience.

Affordable: the primary aim is to democratise governance education to make it accessible to many people.

Global: they have students come from all over the world, and their competitors's courses tend to be regionally focused.

From the industry: their teaching faculty are experienced board members, directors and chairs and the course has been designed by directors for directors.

Company Birth Story

Up until 2020, corporate governance education was stale, expensive, difficult to access and viewed as elite. This changed in March 2020 when David Duffy, a corporate governance expert, and EdTech entrepreneur Anthony Quigley, founded the Corporate Governance Institute.

The Solution

Less than 1% of board members worldwide are certified in corporate governance. Access to director training, until now, has been exclusive and expensive. The Corporate Governance Institute democratises director training by providing online education in a flexible and cost effective manner. The content focuses on the practical skills and attributes that modern boardroom leaders require to be an effective director, and who can also confidently deliver good corporate governance.

Boards and their directors are increasingly under the scrutiny of regulators, their employees and the public. Becoming a certified director with a recognised qualification in corporate governance means that a director has the right skills, knowledge and insight to deliver good corporate governance.

A Customer Story

‘I must say that you have by far the best lecturers and tutors among all of the Diplomas in this area. As part of this diploma, I connected and networked with some amazing people. Your course will definitely have an impact on the business landscape and I recommend it highly.’

- Declan Cahill, Assistant module leader and seminar coordinator, Trinity College.

A founder quote

“When designing the Diploma in Corporate Governance we first went in search of an example of a fully-online Diploma in Corporate governance. We couldn’t find one,” says Quigley. “This became our first unique selling point. We were able to create, build and then market the first globally recognised, accredited diploma in corporate governance.”

David W. Duffy

"We are democratising access to corporate governance education by offering an affordable world-class course that can be taken from anywhere in the world,” says Duffy. “We are charging a fraction of the other players in this space. The average cost for a corporate governance course is €15,000 and we charge €3,950 / £3,350. Our diploma is fully online and we offer the course in three study options: self-paced (fully flexible online course), part time (11 week live online course), full time (one week live online course).”`

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