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DELV - How this 16 year old is tackling the problem of research inefficiencies

What Delv AI does

Delv AI, is an end-to-end textual search platform for data analysts. The company currently serves 100+ individual users (including Alvea, Boston Children’s Hospital, and more), and is planning to come out of beta to a waitlist of 5,000+ users later this summer. Having already raised from AngelList Quant Fund, On Deck, Backend Capital, and awesome angel investors, with more exciting updates on the horizon, Delv AI’s goal is to assist researchers, leveraging the company’s focus on known credible research databases like Pubmed and

The Current Landscape

A major problem Delv AI is trying to solve in the industry is the redundancies that occur within a research lab. On average, a 20 person lab could spend over $20K in overlapping research. Delv AI is working to help researchers get relevant information faster and more efficiently by leveraging the right technology and AI.

Company Birth Story

Delv AI’s Founder Pranjali Awasthi was raised by academic parents, both with PhDs, so research and technology were a core part of her upbringing. She began pursuing machine learning and joined a research lab in 9th grade. During her time at the lab, she built a machine learning skillset that helped make research more efficient. As the youngest person in the lab, it was often hard for Pranjali to overcome the knowledge gap, but that quickly became her driving motivation, and Delv was born out of that idea.

The Solution

Think of Delv as “a Copilot for research.” Delv's machine learning model specializes in understanding highly-technical scientific research, unlike most AI-assistants which only have a layman's level comprehension. This model helps to dramatically break down data silos and barriers and effectively guide researchers, enabling a ~75% more efficient R&D processes.

The Team Culture

Delv AI is a small, tight-knit team as the company is still in the early stages of growth. The company culture is one of teamwork, collaborativeness and inclusivity. Its team members have a shared interest in the company mission and are working hard to make a difference together for researchers.

A founder quote

I truly believe in – and work to follow – the Japanese theory of "ikigai" –– finding the overlapping center of your passions, your skills, and what the world needs. While I know I'm still very young and am continuing to learn the way of the world, I completely support the idea that belief in yourself is fueled from the combination of internal motivation, having some idea of a path to your goals, and incremental execution.

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