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Defy gravity with Floatnetics

What is Floatnetics?

Floatnetics designs and creates innovative products for the home and retail space using magnetic levitation & rotation technology in their smart display units.

Current industry landscape

Companies are tending to lean towards low-cost, high-volume products, sacrificing on innovation and product longevity. The furniture market has been separated into two segments – the labour-intensive, high-end, hand-crafted pieces, and the mass produced, cheap flat packed furniture. Subsequently, new and innovative smart furniture exists in isolated pockets of industries and has yet to be largely adopted by the home and retail space on a broad level.

While some would argue large corporations in the furniture space, like IKEA, are seen as direct competitors, if not threats to small-scale furniture businesses, Floatnetics’ unique magnetic connection system and display technology sees them positioned rather as a tech company, than a furniture company, leaving them to create and expand their own market.

The creation of the company

The company was born out of a desire to add movement and bring life to the things people display, while simultaneously bringing elegance to the design.

The Company’s philosophy is – Life doesn’t stand still, so why should your displays?

Floatnetics' mission

Floatnetics’ line of display products is set to revolutionise the retail and home experience.

Floatnetics gives new opportunities to businesses to elevate consumer engagement by showcasing their merchandise in an attention-grabbing and captivating manner. Floatnetics not only offers a unique experience for retailers and customers alike, but has application for anyone looking to elevate their space by showcasing their prized collectibles and possessions in a unique way, taking pride of place in their home or office.

The two electromagnets housed within the Floatnetics unit suspends the objects placed inside, seamlessly spinning them in mid-air creating a gravity defying exhibition. Floatnetics’ ground-breaking unit and patent design includes the use of special Neodymium magnets embedded in the connection system allowing for the unit to be easily assembled by anyone in under a minute, without the need of any of any screws or tools. The adjustable cross-section allows the unit’s display features to be positioned in multiple variations.

Floatnetics’ vision for the future is to establish and lead the market in smart display products by enhancing the retail experience and ushering in a new era of consumer engagement.

"Everything from our currency to our cars, to our homes are getting smarter. The failure of companies to integrate technology may see them being left behind in the long term as digital networking and interoperability become the norm."

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