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​​Defense Recorder is redefining the Phrase Burden of Proof

What Defense Recorder does

Defense Recorder was created to help law abiding citizens when they must use lethal force, prove verbal agreements, address employee mistreatment, traffic incidents and more. The Defense Recorder App works through an iPhone or Android recording 24/7 the proof attorneys need to keep people free and save up to millions in defense fees.

The current landscape

Defense Recorder is not the first attempt at a personal audio recorder App, however it is the first audio recorder app to approach the issue of evidence collection. With multiple pending patents and a realistic emphasis on educating individuals on how difficult proof can be to find. Defense Recorder is dedicated to keeping law abiding Americans free.

Company birth story

Nick Sargent started Defense Recorder after watching a presentation about gun owners insurance while getting a concealed carry license. It was during this presentation when he realized both the importance and difficulty of obtaining usable proof of innocence and the high cost of a legal defense team even for responsible and justified citizens.

The solution

The goal at Defense Recorder is to provide peace of mind. Users can feel more confident and secure when the audio around them is being recorded. There are many uses, such as, self-defense proof, details from a meeting, names, tasks, objectives, even details from a crime or incident that could help prove innocents. Because of our company’s newness, a launch set for this spring 2023, we do not have examples but we offer many suggestions and have valuable testing that has and is taking place right now.

Customer story

An example of when Defense Recorder would work is in the case of Elisjsha Dicken who acted promptly with his gun to save innocent people from a mass shooter in an Indiana mall. Even though he was called a hero, he still had to go to jail so that evidence or proof of innocence could be verified. Or the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, where his defense cost over a million dollars. There is a direct connection between securing usable proof quickly and the overall cost of the defense team. Many times, proof is not available and the results can be devastating, time in prison, contributing to the financial and emotional cost to a family. Defense Recorder, in a way, allows people to turn back the clock, and get the proof.

Team culture

With an enthusiastic team of industry experts, the focus at Defense Recorder is on helping others defend themselves. The environment at Defense Recorder is dedicated and optimistic. A few anecdotes and quotes from the Owner, CEO and Vice-President:

When Nick Sargent was sent a letter by the DMV saying his license was going to be revoked because he had missed a hearing for a speeding ticket that he had already paid, he started conducting research into his ability to defend himself. One of Nick’s favorite sayings is, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

Vice President, Tracy Sargent, having had successful careers in Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Advertising and Customer Service believes the correct way to build and keep a company, product or App is to stay connected with your customers. People can have wonderful feedback and suggestions.

Founder quote

“I am excited to be able to solve a challenge that a growing number of people face today, which is gathering usable, legal proof of one's actions all without invading their complete privacy.” - Nicholas Sargent

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