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David vs Goliath - the battle of the marketplaces

What the company does

Streetify, the new AI shopping extension, is the cheapest way to shop, eliminating the need for searching for deals–Streetify is one massive global aggregator.

The Current Landscape

A new startup in Europe is taking on five of North America's biggest tech companies, all at the same time. Streetify finds cheaper prices and savings, more easily than even Google Shopping. They undercut Amazon on most branded products, and (unlike Meta) they have every shopping street and mall in over 120 countries in gorgeous virtual form. They’ll be in VR shortly - ahead of Microsoft, and already have over 1 billion stores available in virtual form - vs. Shopify’s 1 million. Given that the e- commerce market globally is worth $4.9Trn this year, that’s big news. Streetify is already available as a computer extension and phone app in the US, Canada, India, the UK and Australia, and will be expanding globally this year.

Company Birth Story

Founder and CEO of Streetify, Martin Banbury, started The Mission Group PLC, the largest UK wide ad agency group, now with 1200 staff and 23 offices, and; he was also one of 3 co-founders of Insureandgo, the largest online travel insurance specialist broker in Europe. Banbury is now focused on bringing Streetify world-wide as the largest source of consumer and industry savings.

The Solution

Streetify uses AI to read web pages, to see if they have a price. They then check the web for the same product (so they don’t show annoying ads for similar products) fully automatically. Streetify then checks over 50 of the world’s biggest deal sites, including Honey, Groupon, Topcashback and more to see which ones have savings and deals for the retailer involved. The result is unique - a single place that saves consumers the most cash.

Finally, their Meta-streets allow users to shop in literally any shopping street (even small villages) in over 120 countries. The stores are generally branded, and offer businesses (big and small) free advertising in their own store windows. It’s an incredible new advertising medium that acts as a sort of hybrid between physical stores and the web. Streetify’s CEO Martin Banbury says “Local governments will be able to use Streetify to support their local brick and mortar stores and main streets, to save them from the onslaught of the move to online shopping."

There’s even an option to shop at virtual A List celebrity main streets - where mega stars of film, music and sport each have their clubs, tickets, merchandise, sponsors, charities and interests all in a single virtual street. (Soon there’ll be personalized streets for the biggest movie properties - imagine Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, or Frozen streets with cinema tickets, theme parks, merchandise and so on in one place).

A founder quote

Martin Banbury, Founder and CEO, says “Streetify offers what consumers always wanted - a single place that saves them the most cash."

About the Meta-streets feature, Banbury says “This is where local stores and main streets can start their fight back against the move to online shopping. They can offer instant deals, use Streetify to persuade consumers to come back to America’s main streets, and even offer same day delivery.”

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