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"Create the sense of sight" at V7

What is V7 Labs?

V7 Labs is a London-based tech startup creating artificial intelligence inspired by the biological visual cortex. Simply put, they make machines see like humans. The startup secured a $3M Seed round led by Amadeus Capital Partners, joined by Partech, Air Street Capital, and Miele Venture Capital.

Current industry landscape

In recent years, the increasing adoption of AI technologies and deep learning in business has led to fast growth in the computer vision space. The market growth has been driven also by increasing demand for more automation and quality inspection in many fields. Computer vision is in fact used in a large variety of industries; healthcare, automotive, robotics, retail, safety, and many others.

How the company was founded

The company was founded in 2018 by Singularity University alumnus Alberto Rizzoli and former R&D lead at RSI, Simon Edwardsson. The two founders of V7 met back in 2015 when they began working in AI with the creation of the first engine capable of running large deep neural networks on smartphones. This technology led to Aipoly, a camera app that identifies thousands of objects in real-time to aid the blind and visually impaired. In 2018, Alberto and Simon founded V7 to reveal V7 Darwin, an image labeling platform to create training data for computer vision projects with little or no human involvement necessary.

The V7 Labs mission

V7 helps companies deploy AI and solve some of the world's biggest problems. V7 has the mission of helping organizations make an impact through AI and Computer Vision for a better world, from developing AI-powered cancer detection systems to cattle health monitoring and fire detection systems.

About the team

V7 has a very young team with large and bold goals. Their core values are curiosity, intuition, reliability, courage, and freedom. The team is formed by excellent performers that help and rely on each other. They also like to have fun with AI and our platform; we have seasonal tournaments where employees build their own computer vision models and compete to win a prestigious cup! "At V7, we codify industry best-practices for organizing data, labelling, and launching computer vision models for real-world problems”. Alberto Rizzoli, CEO and Co-founder

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