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Create Beautiful Graphic Designs With Desygner

What is Desygner?

Desygner is a creative tool that allows for user-generated content to be created quickly and easily by non-designers and for any sized business. At Desygner, we believe that you can have a powerful brand, regardless of your marketing budget.

The Current Landscape

Desygner is one of the top Australian tech and design startup companies based on the Gold Coast, having recently hit the No. 4 ranking in Australia and is currently situated within the top 150 globally.

Unlike other creative design tools, the Desygner solution allows users to import existing materials, have a workspace dedicated to their brand, define exactly how others modify each element of their materials, and automate customisation.

The platform averages over 20,000 signups a day and now works with over 100,000 businesses globally. Some of the largest enterprise clients include Keller Williams - USA, Techstars - Global, Sinclair Pharmaceuticals - UK and Coldwell Banker - Italy.

According to an article in Software World 2022, Desygner was placed in the 'Top 5 Best Software Solutions for 2022' alongside Adobe Illustrator, Canva, PicMonkey and Gimp.

Company Birth Story

A bootstrap tech company, Desygner was established in 2016 by five founders who saw a gap in the market for an automated graphic design tool that could be used by any sized business but operated by non-designers.

Desygner began because the founders had come from a business background with corporate and small-business experiences. As a result, they were familiar with the struggle marketers face internally with marketing and graphic design. Desygner was created to help marketers who didn't have the time or the resources to develop branded materials. Desygner offers a variety of content that can be personalized quickly and easily and allows for user- generated content to be created by anyone.

When Desygner first launched, the success was rapid. It became the first design solution for apps in the market and the world's first cross-platform design tool. Desygner started with only 1,000 users in 2016, and fast forward to today, Desygner now boasts close to 25 million users and 100,000 business subscribers worldwide.

The Solution

While there are many competitors who offer the chance to create, share and print professional graphics in minutes from any device, Desygner offers software that provides unparalleled control to businesses of any size and unmatched campaign customization, powered by AI with a unique brand portal interface.

It offers businesses the ability to let anyone in their network personalize and distribute marketing campaigns without ever compromising the brand’s identity.

Desygner’s exclusive technology allows businesses to lead in cross-platform design, on- brand restrictions, DAM, localization, PDF editing, intelligent design automation and more.

A Customer Story

Desygner excels in helping large businesses better collaborate and integrate their marketing collateral and empowers internal teams to create and distribute marketing materials that are always professional and on-brand. For example, one of the larger enterprise companies Desygner partners with is the national US realtor, Keller Williams. Keller Williams has over 200,000 employees in over 240 offices in the US and needed an effective content management platform with graphics and editing capabilities that could be integrated with

other tools they were building.

Desygner offered a white-label solution where the Keller Williams users integrate the platform into their working life daily and use the tools and templates in record time. As a result, it has become the most widely used app among their reality agents.

They have thousands of employees who log on to their customized Desygner database and have a complete array of design options ready to go for their usage. This has helped eliminate the need for a graphic designer and has helped their company maintain brand consistency.

The Team Culture

The company has five founders; Mariana Aguiar, Alex Rich, Ignacio Diaz, Alexandre Goloskok and Sayan Bhattacharyya, who lead the team in global offices on the Gold Coast, Australia and Lisbon, Portugal.

Alex Rich, CEO and co-founder, believes it was the team's passion to create something that didn’t exist and create code for business ideas that could help consumers' needs that fuelled their love for wanting to stay connected in the design technology space.

Alex Rich: “Employee culture is very important to me. If my employees aren’t happy, I’m not happy, and I want to be happy at work. So my vision for 2022 is to create a more harmonious work/life balance. Our business is very important, but our family and health are even more so.”

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