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Create a ripple effect of health and empower your team to reach their potential

What does do is best practice in healthy workplace life and culture, setting the new standard of health and sustainability at work. is on a mission to democratise health literacy and create systemic change to the prevalence and impact of lifestyle-related chronic disease.

The Current Landscape

Health and sustainability of people has never been more topical. COVID certainly changed the way that people work and brought into focus how important health really is.

More and more, people are grappling with how to achieve balance between their physical and mental health, and looking for solutions that are evidence-based and proactive. The industry is full of piecemeal solutions, but health is the whole person, and there is a veracious appetite for real solutions which are preventative in nature.

Company Birth Story

Leigh Sherry, an Accredited Sports Scientist and Exercise Physiologist always says she “got the sh*ts with peoples’ insecurities being leveraged” and wanted to find a way to scale solutions that would give people the tools to take their power back…and that’s where was born.

The Solution is a real-time health promotion platform that helps employers seamlessly scale health equity and performance across their teams, regardless of location.

It is a toolkit, assisting people in workplaces to make healthier choices and improve their health literacy, one small choice at a time.

It takes a novel approach, by integrating whole-person health, micro- learning, feedback loops and micro-nudges to promote behavioural change in a frictionless, and scalable way not seen before.

A Customer Story

“ is the most important software a company can own”. A quote from the CEO of Numedico Technologies, seeing the tangible impacts on the health and performance of his team.

The Team Culture

The team pride themselves on inclusivity, open mindedness and a culture of speaking freely…many minds are better than one!

A founder quote

“At the end of the day, you are a very capable human and we’re about supporting you to take those steps for yourself. is a toolkit to help you reach that potential, and then help the people you care about to do the same." Leigh Sherry.

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