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Costa Rica Casa Dare to Dream - Finding Your Own Essence

What the company does?

Discovering your true purpose in life. That is what Essence of Dreams will offer. To provide an all-inclusive luxury villa on top of a mountain in Costa Rica that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The villa will sleep 18 guests and be a destination wedding and corporate venue.

The Current Landscape

The rental villa business has increased significantly over the years. There is a unique niche needed for luxury villa rentals that can compete with likes of the Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton type resorts. The edge over competition is to create a more personal experiences through focusing on what is their true dream and self-awareness goals. You can accomplish this in an intimate luxury private villa compared to a larger impersonal resort style.

Company Birth Story

Dare to Dream was the first villa that created unique travel packages for 10 guests a week for the past 5 years. From gaining experience, opportunities existed to further expand guests’ expectations. This led to thoughts of building a larger villa with all the amenities and add some diversification of being a wedding and corporate destination other than weekly rentals. Dare to Dream was sold February 2022 and construction starting June 2022 for Essence of Dreams. Essence of Dreams will be open June 2023.

The Solution

Essence of Dreams will have 7 private suites that will host 18 guests. The 14,000 sq ft villa will boast amenities such as a gym, a massage room, a home movie theater, a business center, a private formal dining room, a large great room, a covered outdoor terrace, a 40 ft. wide salt mineral infinity pool with swim up bar. The third floor, Sky Deck which will be 1,200 ft above the coast will host weddings and corporate events up-to 50 people. Breathtaking views of volcanos, the rain forest, mountain ranges and the Pacific Ocean sets the backdrop. A full compliment of staff that includes a concierge, chef, private driver, bartender, housekeeping, and a masseur that is dedicated to adding to the guest experiences. All these services and amenities compliment in creating an atmosphere for the guest to find their essence.

A Customer Story

A vacation is a time to get away and create treasures of memories. What Essence of Dreams will offer is a deeper commitment of the guests and what really is their true essence in life.

The Team Culture

Being in business 30 years with multiple businesses in the states, this is a family business project. The culture of “no excuses” a family mantra, has been instilled in the Costa Rica staff which sees the difference with guest positive feedback. The Essence of Dreams team, Tim & Tracey Kerin, Jason Kerin. Costa Rica Jose Lopez is the executive manager.

A Founder Quote

Surround Yourself with –

The Dreamers

The Believers

The Doers


The Doers

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