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Construction companies save up to 40% of time per employee using Planyard

What the company does?

Planyard construction software makes large-scale project job costing easy. The tool is ideal for main contractors who want to save the team's time and want a real-time overview of projects profitability forecasts.

The Current Landscape

The construction industry is one of the least digitalized and the one with the lease efficiency gains throughout the years. Many construction companies now see that with the increasing material and labor costs, it is critical to know if your projects are not profitable and why they are not profitable.

There are many software providers are trying to make lives of these companies easier – Procore, BuilderTREND, CoConstruct, etc. There is a lot of variation in the types of construction companies that are out there, so there is actually need for all of these different tools as they often solve very different problems of the business.

Company Birth Story

Acquaintances of the founders working in the field were complaining that they do not have any good tools that are available in the non- English market for managing their construction financials. Many of the bigger players do not sell in countries where they don’t have physical presence.

The founders looked into the problem in more detail and decided to do something about it. One of the founders, Andres, made initial rough prototypes and presented them to various prospective customers. After getting them onboard before any code was written, work started on actually making the product.

As none of the founders have any construction background, we were luckily forced to always talk to our customers to make sure the product was really useful for them.

The Solution

Planyard is an intuitive job costing tool for large-scale construction projects. It's ideal for construction general contractors looking for an easy and accurate way to manage project cost forecasts and profitability forecasts.

Planyard feature set includes: automating supplier bidding, digitizing subcontractor progress payments, simple purchase ordering, collecting and approving purchase invoices, and more. The process is without spreadsheets and without duplicate data entry.

Planyard integrates with your existing accounting tools such as Xero, Quickbooks, and more.

One of the competitive advantages of Planyard is that it can be implemented quicker and more easily than most large products in the space. After the purchase decision is made, the product can be used in a matter of hours with very limited training required. Additionally, the product is offered globally, meaning that anyone can use it. Not just the companies in the larger markets.

A Customer Story

Claire Hill from Brown & Bancroft shares her experience

Planyard is a live overview of your project. How they are performing financially and it is basically a CVR that is live all the time. It has up-to-date data. You can see how your jobs are performing, where you’re making profits, and where you aren’t making profits.

Because it is online, it gives me the opportunity to use it on the site. I could be on-site with a subcontractor and we are discussing the change orders and I can just add them to the subcontract right as we are discussing them.

I can do that because I can log on straight into the system without special VPNs or something specific configured on my desktop computer. I can just get straight on and log it. It’s really easy to manage the costs of all jobs.

I only watched some tutorial videos on the Planyard website and I’ve been able to get straight on it. It’s really intuitive to use! For example, there’s a button that says “Subcontracts” and you can fill in the information. It leads you along the path of what to do. It doesn’t really need any thorough training to use.

I’ve used other systems in the past that you need 3 or 4 days of training before you can even raise a purchase order on the system. With Planyard, you can just raise your first purchase order in 5 minutes in one go. “You just Planyard it!”

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