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Compete and generate content with MyTime

What is MyTime?

MyTime is an exciting new competition platform being developed. It’s a free place where brands can create social competitions and offer prizes to retrieve an unlimited amount of user-generated content. Think of it as being in the driver’s seat of going viral as each entrant shares your branded posts to their individual audiences.

Current Industry landscape

The user generated content (UGC) landscape is evolving as you read this article. For example, millennials see UGC as 51% more authentic than anything a brand can create professionally across all social media platforms. And therefore, this age demographic is driving the way brands connect with consumers.

Numerous brands engage third parties to track hashtags, key words etc to find UGC at a hefty price and it may not even be what the brand is looking for. It’s a messy landscape that is costly and time consuming. Marketing Managers spend countless hours trying to find the viral UGC post that will increase their presence or sales.

Social Competitions are literally brand new to the advertising domain and this industry is endless. Today competitions are very traditional and not much has changed from “tell us why in 25 words or less” model. There is a significant amount of white space for Social Competitions to grow into as those trying to glean UGC from various other social platforms are struggling to make an impact. It is also a huge challenge when a brand does run competitions on various platforms to gather the vital data they need. So again, there is opportunity and space to improve.

Creating the company

MyTime and the finished product has gone through 9 years of ideations and more improvements than we can count. In March, 2022 the MyTime platform will officially be launched.

Fundamentally, the founder wanted to create a space for people and brands to find a better way of connecting and also have that feeling of success. He wanted to create a place where imaginations can run free for both. So, MyTime was created as a platform where brands can ask for what they want creatively, consumers can choose to engage and express that creativity in exchange for fame and prizes and ultimately everyone wins. A place where everyone can achieve success.

Running competitions via MyTime consolidates all your social media outreach, campaigns, brand partnerships and market insights into one hub as it completely cuts out the middleman.

Like the Airbnb model, where the platform is the world’s largest accommodation provider but owns no real estate, MyTime is essentially a platform that offers brands free data, content and mass exposure that’s purely driven by the creativity of the incentivised user. It broadens your reach to an audience that’s eager to engage and not as immediately accessible via traditional social media channels.

The MyTime Team

Michael Bartlett is an accomplished leader with an expertise in finding creative solutions to complex problems. Increasing qualified data capture and User Generated Content for Brands are complex problems, but that's just the start.

His current mission at MyTime is to become the world’s most recognised and trusted social competition platform. MyTime offer brands growth without the growing pains, strategy without the rules, and a destination for consumer collaboration where ideas come to life and imaginations run free.

Maria Bellissimo-Magrin is a business leader with creative genius running through her oozing out of every thought and conversations. She has a passion to make marketing easy so businesses can concentrate on the important stuff. And to be honest, Maria delivers every single time.

"Every entrepreneur and start up must assume that everyone else in the space you are entering is smarter, faster, stronger and works whilst you sleep." - Michael Bartlett

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