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Clastr connecting the gaming world

What is Clastr?

Clastr connects gamers to gaming PCs via internet connection. Gaming PC owners get paid. It aims to create a fully-decentralized cloud gaming platform.

The current industry landscape

Currently many different "players" are trying to enter the market. There are many start-ups, but also established companies here. The industry is changing rapidly, new technologies are coming that are significantly improving the possibilities.

How the company came to be

Petar was looking for a teammate to apply for a student competition. Danijel (now founder of Clastr) replied, and they met in a bar. After a couple of beers, they were brainstorming ideas for the competition, and Danijel then proposed his "Decentralized cloud gaming" idea. In Petar's head something immediately clicked, since he was thinking about doing this idea, but he didn't have any technical knowledge. Luckily, Danijel is a developer, so they were covered in both technical and non-technical area. After the competition ended, they decided to learn more about everything,

So they continued to work on what would become Clastr. Now they received their first round of funding, and are building an MVP. Soon, they will be ready for another investment.

The goal of the company

Clastr is building a platform where one will be able to access someone else's PC and use it's resources to play the newest games. There is so much unused computing power among local communities, and society should know how to use those resources better. Gamers could play the games, PC providers get paid and we help the environment (effective resource consumption & reduction of e-waste).

These are just some of the benefits of Clastr, and we hope to show much more in the future. We are Clastr, and we are bringing gaming PC to your home. And if you already have a gaming PC, let's earn money together!

About the team

Danijel and Petar are the founders, Danijel is focused on technical development, while Petar focused on non-technical (mostly bizdev and UX for now).

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