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ClarkStaff - Remote Staffing Workforces And Business Solutions

What Clark Staff Does?

Clark Staff is a full-service business process outsourcing company. Essentially They provide access to highly skilled professionals at lower rates to business leaders all over the world. These highly skilled professionals include people such as architects, developers, graphic designers, marketers, nurses, and a plethora of other titles. What helps separate them from their competition would be their transparent nature as well as their competitive pricing. They’re upfront when it comes to our costs and processes. Making sure they fully explain exactly what happens when you partner with them.

From the initial meeting or call, you will be given enough information to determine whether or not remote staffing is the solution you need or if you’d be compatible as partners. Being a match in terms of company culture is important they believe you shouldn’t be forced to work with someone you don’t agree with just because you can’t afford any other options. In the event that you aren’t a match, they’ll make sure to give you enough information so you can make informed decisions.

What’s Going On In the Industry

The entire BPO industry used to be focused on providing cost-effective solutions, which in turn allowed businesses all over the world to grow their business. Due to advances in technology, more specifically, AI technology, BPOs need to focus on ways to improve the customer experience for their clients in order to stay competitive. Though not really an issue due to Clark Staff’s target market of small to mid-sized businesses, it's still in their best interest to continually improve the level of service they provide.


To people outside the outsourcing industry, their competitors seem like they are everywhere. In reality, these are large call centers that Clark Staff doesn’t compete with, their actual competition includes other full-service BPO companies that cater to small to mid-sized businesses. Many of their competitors actually specialize in providing one type of staff or cater specifically to one industry, for example, within the same city, they have a competitor that provides remote staff but they specialize in accountants. While their competitors also offer other services, they are just shoehorned in, in order to get more clients. Clark Staff has managers who are experts in the roles they offer, meaning your staff will always be in good hands.

Origin Story

Clark Staff founders, Zack Williamson and Russell Meiselman started in the mortgage and security industries. They worked with BPO companies around the world but ended up having to go to their respective partners offices in order to retrain and rebuild processes just to get the results they were promised. This one event is what started their path towards building their own full-service BPOs. In 2013, Zack and Russell formally teamed up and opened Clark Staff with the goal of becoming a fully transparent company that their clients could trust. Ever since then, they’ve helped their clients grow their businesses, consulting with them when processes need to be updated, and even helping them manage their remote staff.

Future Plans

Clark Staff is in the process of growing their business, in terms of physical building size and the number of clients/partners they can take on while providing a high level of service to everyone. In terms of buildings, they have new buildings being renovated in order to accommodate more of their clients’ remote staff. They are also breaking into new industries like the promotional products industry after successfully helping a couple clients exponentially grow their promotional products companies. This doesn’t mean they’re forgetting about smaller startup businesses however. They still take on startup companies who only need 1 or 2 staff members to start.

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