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Charli AI delivers Ground-Breaking True AI for Financial Services

What Charli AI does

Charli AI is the premier provider of True AI and AI-powered Decision Intelligence across the entire enterprise. Charli offers unprecedented levels of accuracy, adaptability, and security for highly regulated industries such as Financial Services. Its revolutionary Ancaeus Platform offers customized AI solutions that can solve problems and automate right out of the box.

The Current Landscape

Issues surrounding privacy, security and compliance remain paramount in highly regulated industries reluctant to trust their data or IP with publicly or general-purpose trained Large Language Models. Enterprises need control over when and how information is dispensed and know that their IP and data is secure, private, and in compliance with regulations.

Charli AI is the only product on the market that has the methodology, design, transparency, and controls necessary to protect the integrity of AI across the entire business ecosystem.

Company Birth Story

Charli AI was created in 2018 by a team of industry veterans with prior successful startup exits looking for ways to simplify life for professionals, and build a thinking machine able to manage the most complex, repetitive tasks in the enterprise.

The inspiration came from Kevin Collins, Founder and CEO, who during his corporate career, relied on a Chief of Staff to make all parts of his hectic life function well. As technology and perceptions evolved, many assistants were re-positioned, and the busy work ended back on Kevin’s desk. Kevin aspired to create a company to enable AI to be the new Chief of Staff and Charli was the perfect name.

In 2022, Charli pivoted by focusing on B2B and Financial Services, further positioning itself as a leader in the AI space. This was a critical moment that shifted the company from a traditional user-led growth model typical of a B2C product. The move was motivated by recognizing the immediate value to enterprise companies and a gap in the AI marketplace.

The Solution

Charli AI is the only AI platform built for the Financial Services enterprise, enabling organizations to seamlessly build and deploy scalable AI solutions with less time and risk than ever before. Its unique approach leverages the "1,000 brains" methodology and an ensemble network of AI models to make it fundamentally different from competing products.

It’s Ancaeus Platform has the game-changing ability to: protect customers data by never using publicly trained models; generate fact-based and reliable results; and provide scalable, adaptable solutions with its continuous learning framework that significantly reduces deployments costs, ongoing maintenance, and the need to train bespoke AI models.

The speed and ease of which it can be adapted and deployed allows companies that previously couldn’t access AI, to now realize its many benefits without the need to dedicate entire teams and resources to start from scratch. Clients are realizing cost savings of up to 70%, over 90% improvement in project turn-around time, and Chari’s ability to accelerate growth and streamline operations.

Charli AI’s two key products are Charli AI Research & Insights, and Charli AI Automation.

Charli AI Research & Insights allows researchers and analysts to uncover trends, find opportunities in the market, and deliver more value to customers in less time.

Charli AI Automation removes bottlenecks in business and enables teams to get more done, more profitably, and with higher accuracy. Integration with existing apps and platforms is seamless and Charli AI has shown accuracy greater than 97% from day one.

The vision for Charli AI is to be the best at delivering true, generative, explainable AI for Financial Services that elevates human judgment. To do this, Charli AI has developed an AI platform that can dynamically learn to do things as humans would. AI that is capable of critical thinking, that is adaptive and intuitive. AI that is more street smart than intelligent and can piece tasks together to get things done. That's what Charli Ai is creating.

A Founder Quote

“Today, companies have two options when it comes to deploying AI. One is to purchase consumer-grade technology with limited capabilities and even more limited security and governance. The other is to build it themselves, which requires a massive investment, a huge amount of data, a team to implement and manage, and a very large budget for ongoing management for security and functional upgrades,” said Kevin Collins, Founder and CEO of Charli AI. “The Charli AI Ancaeus Platform offers a better solution. Our customers are using the core capabilities of Charli right out of the box and leveraging the Ancaeus Platform to build their own innovative AI solutions to set themselves apart from their competition. It’s a fundamental change in how AI is built and deployed within the enterprise.”

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