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Celebrating Differences with Laughter: How Treuer Laughs® Diverse Comedy Shows areenhancing DEI Pro

What the Company Does

Treuer Laughs® produces intentionally diverse clean comedy shows for corporate clients to celebrate the beauty of being different through laughter! Every show features a diversity rich lineup of multiple performers to bring fun to corporate Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) programs.

The Current Landscape

As the pandemic becomes an endemic and companies are finally taking DEI seriously, corporate events are shifting from virtual to in-person with a strong demand for clean & diverse entertainment.

The competitors in corporate comedy are: any live entertainment, comedy’s bad reputation in the corporate world, and a general misunderstanding of the value of clean & diverse comedy.

Stories of HR nightmares created by Comedians & Booking Agencies disregarding content guidelines for corporate events outnumber stories of successful events by at least 3 to 1 - at least that is what people have told Treuer Laughs® over the years.

Clean comedy suitable for the corporate environment is a special art form & skillset. Comedy can offend a lot of people in a short amount of time. The less understanding about the corporate environment a Comedian/Booking agency has, the more likely a problem will occur. These problems have created obstacles for corporate comedy, while also creating opportunities for those who truly understand it.

Company Birth Story

After 11 years of being an International Sales Manager, Pat Treuer left his successful career to pursue standup comedy. He moved from Colorado to Chicago and started a comedy show in the backroom of a bar to raise money for local charities.

The key factors to producing a great comedy show soon became clear - give opportunities to people being overlooked by others and create diverse lineups of comedians. When Pat noticed repeat customers at his shows, Treuer Laughs® was formed!

Combining corporate sales with these key factors, Pat arduously started selling comedy shows to corporate groups - constantly hearing “comedy is too risky for corporate events.” When the pandemic hit, Pat’s phone started ringing with requests to bring comedians to companies’ “boring zoom calls.”

The Solution

Treuer Laughs® produced diverse shows for over 300 corporate groups & 60,000 people through the pandemic. DEI conversations within Corporate America have traditionally been serious (rightly so) until Treuer Laughs® enhanced these conversations with laughter.

Clients hired Treuer Laughs® to produce shows for Black History Month, LatinX, LGBTQIA+, and Female Empowerment. These shows featured multiple performers from each community of focus breaking down stereotypes through clean & inclusive comedy.

The main factors differentiating Treuer Laughs® from others are: diverse shows with multiple performers, corporate appropriate content, and treating & compensating comedians respectfully.

What’s next? Treuer Laughs® filmed a clean diverse standup comedy special with the key factors of a successful comedy show and are currently in the process of selling it to a streaming service to share the vision with the world!


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