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Candid Embedded: A new killer app for B2B sellers from Candid Wholesale

What Candid Wholesale does

Candid Wholesale is a SaaS startup based in Portland, Oregon, launched in 2019 by a small team of apparel, ecommerce & software veterans. Candid provides an integrated set of tools for wholesale buyers and sellers, designed to make B2B selling as user-friendly as possible, without sacrificing power and flexibility.

Candid Wholesale Current Landscape

In the early days of the COVID 19 pandemic, direct-to-consumer (DTC) online sales surged. The balance has since shifted as consumers reconnect with local retail, leading to a wholesale boom. Sellers need to capitalize on their online growth and protect their brands while pivoting back to a balanced footing between wholesale and DTC. No competitor offers anything like Candid Embedded – alternatives are either Amazon-style marketplaces (like Faire) or standalone tools hosted on a third-party website (Joor, NuOrder). While marketplaces are great for beginners, and there is a wider selection of software for high-end fashion and apparel B2B sellers, Candid is alone in serving the SMB market across all industries.

Company Birth Story

Founder Avery Bloom spent years building an apparel brand with his wife Leah, designing and manufacturing apparel in the heart of Portland. As the business grew, they hit a wall for both the brand and the store – wholesale was taking up more and more of everyone’s time, with vastly smaller margins and less consistent results than direct to consumer sales.

While the ecom business thrived, wholesale was left cobbling together a dozen pieces of software just to keep everything straight. The more people Bloom talked to, the more he realized he wasn't alone. So he teamed up with ecommerce developer Dave Lowensohn to create Candid, a platform to help companies ranging from fledgling boutiques to generational brands streamline their workflows and move wholesale online.

The Solution

Wholesale has been largely ignored in the software space, with 80% of wholesale transactions still happening on paper, email, and over the phone. While often overlooked, the scale of wholesale is incredible – trillions of dollars a year annually in the US alone.

As ecommerce growth explodes, buyers and sellers increasingly expect their wholesale infrastructure to keep pace with the tools available to them in other areas of their business.

Candid Embedded is a B2B ecommerce experience a brand can embed directly into their website. It syncs inventory and product information with the seller’s ecommerce store, but keeps orders, payments, and customers separate for ease of management and clearer reporting. Buyers have a single sign-on for all stores selling with Candid, allowing them to manage all of their wholesale buying in one place.

A Customer Story

“Since signing up for Candid our average order size has increased 42% and invoices are getting paid faster than ever.” - Sam Hough, Pigeon Toe Ceramics

“Transparent, clear, usable, and effective. Should become an industry standard as a platform for wholesale businesses.” - Cassie Ridgway, Altar PDX

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May 31, 2023

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