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By Gardeners, For Gardeners

What Garden Savvy does

Garden Savvy is the ultimate hub for all things gardening offering a garden planner, digital garden management, the only gardening social media platform, an AI chatbot, and over 1600 suppliers to shop from.

The Current Landscape

The internet is cluttered with meaningless information making it impossible to find useful answers and solutions. With Garden Savvy, the days of sifting through SEO driven content are gone. Garden Savvy was built by gardeners for gardeners.

As for competitors in the industry, there are no true competitors that provide everything that Garden Savvy has to offer. There are a few individual sites that offer small pieces of what Garden Savvy has to offer such as: garden planners, or management software. But, Garden Savvy offers so much more. Garden Savvy also offers the only gardening social media platform, its Garden Savvy Community, a gardening focused AI chatbot named GardenAI, and a directory of over 1600 gardening suppliers.

Company Birth Story

Co-Founder and Chairman George Nagrodsky has been gardening for over 50 years and has experienced these frustrations first hand. He and John Ehrling (Co-Founder) got to work designing the perfect solution to an ancient market. The Co-Founders found it hard to find niche gardening products because online search engines were bloated with ads and SEO driven articles that made it difficult to find the right gardening products. So, Garden Savvy was born and started out as a gardening supplier directory. It has since grown into a gardening software company providing SaaS gardening platforms.

The Solution

After releasing Hortisketch and the Garden Manager, the team realised there are still holes in the industry and the company’s offerings. The Garden Savvy Community has provided a place for gardeners to call their own, allowing users to connect and share their garden’s progress with fellow horticulture enthusiasts.

Their newest release, GardenAI – a gardening focused chatbot – has solved the issue of useless information. Users can ask questions in plain English and receive quality information in seconds. The Garden Savvy Community and GardenAI can both be access through the Garden Savvy phone app.

The Team Culture

Garden Savvy is a small, family owned business. They pride themselves on being personal with the customers and providing an enjoyable user experience while using their products.

A founder quote

John Ehrling – “Garden Savvy has one mission - to provide the best cloud-based gardening products. The Garden Savvy products make it easy for consumers and small farmers to plan their gardens, manage their gardens, and connect with other gardeners.”

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