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BuyLocal rejuvenates the art of shopping local

What is BuyLocal?

BuyLocal is a Nashville startup focused on driving customers to shop locally instead of at larger retailers. With over 1000 users, BuyLocal's free mobile and desktop apps allow shoppers to search by category or product and get connected with over 1000 local shops that sell what they're looking for.

About the industry

Shopping locally has only increased since the start of the pandemic in 2020, and this trend isn’t going away. A study from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce showed that 56% of consumers are shopping locally today, with 75% of consumers expecting to shop locally within the next year. Consumers are intentionally seeking out ways to engage with their local business community, and BuyLocal is the Nashville hub for small businesses.

The creation of BuyLocal

The founder, Joshua Davis, saw the help "mom and pop" shops needed when businesses were forced to either switch to e-commerce or risk closure. He recognized that locals needed the home-field advantage, and thus began developing the “locals only” search engine. Josh says that he “started BuyLocal to give local makers, growers, shops and anyone a place or home online where they could be showcased and known. BuyLocal is a hub for consumers to find locals.”

At the heart of BuyLocal is the idea that when we BuyLocal, we also Love Local

BuyLocal's growth and success

BuyLocal began as a way for local shops and makers to bypass traditional SEO and gain more recognition and traction from online shoppers. It has since grown as a go-to platform for people to discover over 1000 local shops, makers and markets that offer the products and services they’re online shopping for. BuyLocal has over 1000 users across its platforms and has been featured by various local news outlets. There are plans to add more product features in 2022, such as searching for businesses that are BIPOC or LGBTQ+ owned, a community platform for makers on the business side and more.


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