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Building Better Childcare: How Care jobs is Revolutionizing Kita Hiring in Switzerland

What the company does

Carejobs is a job search platform that caters specifically to early childcare specialists in Switzerland, which are known as Kitas. The main purpose of the website is to connect childcare specialists with job opportunities and foster a community through employer ratings and reviews.

The Current Landscape

While early education isn't mandatory in Switzerland, this sector shows a growing demand for childcare facilities, particularly Krippen (cribs) and Kindertagesstätten (daycare centers). This trend translates to a rise in job opportunities, especially for internships seeking to enter the field.

But because it’s not mandatory, this branch is not strictly regulated. Existing platforms are often outdated, lacking features like networking and user-friendly interfaces (e.g. Krippenstellen, Kinderkrippen, and Liliput Familienwelt). To address this, Carejobs is underway to develop a modern platform for Kita job seekers. In the meantime, a helpful blog keeps users informed on the latest trends.

Company Birth Story

Carejobs was born from a team's firsthand experience witnessing the struggles of Swiss childcare professionals.

Initially targeting parents, the project began with a prototype website for easy Kita search. However, after interviewing kindergarten managers, the focus shifted. Those interviews revealed a staffing shortage, not a client deficit. Existing resources are not meeting recruitment needs (e.g. clear job descriptions, start date, or job responsibilities), leading to employers exploiting such disadvantages and causing high staff turnover.

By attracting and retaining qualified staff, the Carejobs team hopes to create a long-term solution for both childcare specialists and families. This, in turn, should improve working conditions at Kitas, make the market transparent, and advocate positive systemic changes in the childcare industry.

The Solution

The platform aspires to be a user-friendly and interactive experience, similar to established platforms like Glassdoor or Indeed, but specifically tailored to the childcare sector.

Carejobs seeks to bridge the existing gap by allowing childcare professionals to leave honest feedback on their experiences at different Kitas. This transparency will empower job seekers and encourage Kitas to uphold their advertised working conditions.

The Team Culture

A large part of the Carejobs team comes from Ukraine, a country recognized for its digital innovation. Now scattered across the globe, the team seeks to leverage its expertise in Ukrainian technological advancements to the needs of other countries. Some team members are even based in Switzerland, which gave them firsthand insight into the Kita market.

This vision, fueled by the team’s experiences, translates into a user- centric Kita job search platform that prioritizes building trust and fostering long-term, successful placements within Kitas.

A Founder Quote

“Naturally, where there are educators, there will be children. Yet it’s quite hard to get an internship position: no one wants to be pressured into overtime, and all interns naturally hope to secure a permanent position. Unfortunately, some Kita managers might exploit the lack of functionalities on existing platforms, since employees can’t rate or review Kitas based on their experience. But at Carejobs, honesty is paramount. We want to build a convenient and transparent job search platform, especially for aspiring childcare professionals.”

— Vitalina Moisieienko, the Head of Product of Carejobs


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