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Brokee: The 'Chat-GPT-proof' DevOps Testing Platform

What Brokee does

Brokee is an innovative HRtech platform offering interactive tests to assess the daily skills needed by System Engineers - including DevOps, Cloud, SRE, and IT Support Engineers.

Brokee's interactive evaluations effectively evaluate the essential skills required for a System Engineer, simplifying the process of hiring qualified individuals while minimizing bias.

Brokee's Current Landscape

The rise of generative AI, specifically ChatGPT, has brought significant changes to the hiring process. These include candidates using ChatGPT to generate CVs and the emergence of AI tools that automate matching between candidate profiles and job openings.

Consequently, companies are grappling with how to address this shift. Some are incorporating stricter proctoring technology to prevent candidates from exploiting generative AI tools, while others are rethinking the use of live interviews.

Brokee's evaluation approach remains resilient to generative AI, as our tasks encourage candidates to leverage tools like Google and ChatGPT for efficient problem-solving, distinguishing us from traditional technical questions and multiple-choice tests.

Company Birth Story

Maksym Lushpenko, an experienced DevOps professional, founded Brokee after become frustrated with his past company’s traditional hiring methods. He created innovative tests to better assess the essential skills that DevOps engineers should possess to perform their jobs adequately.

Maksym’s solution gained popularity at the company he worked at, and transformed the hiring process in several departments. This led him to create Brokee, a platform for companies to hire better candidates more easily.

The Solution

In contrast to other DevOps evaluation platforms, Brokee's challenges emulate the actual issues that system engineers frequently encounter. Since Brokee's evaluations check the abilities of Systems engineers in a live environment that reflects their regular work tasks, it provides hiring managers with the assurance that the candidates will be able to do their work while saving them time checking the qualifications of each candidate. Each evaluation has undergone testing by a network of engineers who confirm its alignment with the tasks they regularly undertake.

A Customer Story

Cybersecurity company, EclecticIQ, utilized Brokee to hire three exceptional engineers: two cloud engineers and one technical support engineer.

These engineers quickly passed Brokee's tests, demonstrating their proactive nature and skills within their teams. This significantly reduced their onboarding time. Brokee's focus on hands-on skills enabled candidates to handle projects and assist colleagues independently.

The benefits for EclecticIQ included standardized, unbiased technical assessments, comprehensive candidate reports, a 50% reduction in hiring risk, 2x fewer technical interviews, time savings, immediate work readiness, streamlined onboarding, a user-friendly evaluation platform, increased efficiency and reduced frustration for DevOps teams, and cost savings up to $2500 per role.

The Team Culture

Both of Brokee's co-founders, Maksym Lushpenko and Yuliia Nesteruk, are Ukrainian. Maksym created much of the Brokee platform during the beginning when he was a refugee, due to the Russia’s war in Ukraine. He lived in over 15 cities during the first 6 months of the war before settling down with his partner in the United States.

Brokee has taken steps to support causes that are important to us, such as offering free access to our skills assessment solution to Ukrainian companies and IT schools.

A founder quote

"To ensure you hire the right person, try your best to avoid being misled by impressive resumes or professional certifications. A great CV does not necessarily equate to completing day-to-day responsibilities effectively. This is where evaluative tools that measure a candidate’s ability to perform prove to be crucial in the hiring process." - Maksym Lushpenko

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