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Boston Strategy Group (BSG) Is Enhancing Business Performance with Applied Improvisation

What BSG does

BSG is an organizational development firm that designs and delivers Applied Improvisation (AIM) programs for corporations, healthcare institutions, and universities. The firm seeks to strengthen the leadership, collaboration, and communication skills of professional staff, managers, and senior executives through enlightening workshops tailored to specific organizational needs.

BSG's Current Landscape

The global shift to hybrid and remote work models was pushed into overdrive by the pandemic. Organizations are struggling to repair the vital connections and the trust that binds professional staff together. Though there are many organizational development firms, BSG maintains a singular focus on leveraging AIM techniques to improve communication, creativity, and collaboration. Additionally, instead of the whimsical, entertainment-concentration of improv theaters that dabble in this work, BSG is focused exclusively on improving management competencies and employs rigorous quantitative methods of program evaluation to accurately judge performance.

BSG's Birth Story

After 30 years of increasing responsibility in management and organizational consulting, BSG's Managing Partner Theodore Klein chanced on the wide-reaching industry applications of theatrical improvisation. With the help of theatre and management faculty, and experienced improvisation facilitators, Klein built an executive-oriented curriculum that merged the foundational concepts and principles of theatrical improv with key management competencies. Since its founding in 2022, BSG has delivered programs at leading firms throughout New England and continues to lead in the applied improvisation field.

BSG's Solution

BSG believes that improvisation programs build interpersonal trust across and up-and- down an organization. Increased trust leads to enhanced productivity, leading to higher profitability. When fundamental principles of improvisation are combined with specific techniques for improving communication, creativity, and collaboration skills, an organization can be changed for the better. BSG’s approach is to deliver customized AIM programs that help participants productively improvise, act confidently, build trust, and adapt to the unknown. Curriculums are tailored to enhancing six key management competencies: Leadership, collaboration, communications, emotional aptitude, innovation, and team building.

These essential business skills are taught in programs ranging from single to multi-month sessions, with BSG creating targeted curriculums and delivering experienced business facilitators to a desired professional setting. Working in tandem with each client's executive or management sponsor, BSG assures that programs bring participants together to better achieve specific and measurable organizational objectives.

A Customer Story

Several leading firms have engaged BSG to develop and deliver leadership and collaboration programs for professional staff and graduate students. These programs have been acclaimed by participants as among the best training they have ever received. Evaluation metrics have clearly shown that participants have a new found view and mastery of collaborative and communications skills leading to increased trust and higher productivity in the workplace.

BSG's Team Culture

Improvisation, by its own nature, is creative and inclusive and addresses significant business concerns such as volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. As such, BSG is comprised of business strategy, management, organizational development, human resources, theater, educational design, and teaching professionals. These unique backgrounds create a melting pot of influences for meeting clients' needs with the scientifically-proven benefits of AIM.

A Founder Quote

“In today’s rapidly changing and turbulent business environment, management skill in leveraging tested improvisation principles can provide the competitive edge organizations need to thrive and succeed.”

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