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Blink personalizes the world of online dating

What the company does?

Blink is a voice-first speed dating app that’s introducing *actual dating* into online dating. Using relationship psychology and real-time communication, Blink creates a space where a person’s personality, values, sense of humor, passions, and quirks are what set them apart.

The current industry landscape

There are thousands of dating apps, each with their own reputation (Tinder is for hookups, Bumble is where women message first, etc.), but at the end of the day they’re all the same: daters swipe through photos and profiles on their journeys to find love. Despite the myriad of dating apps on the market, nearly 80% of daters are unhappy with their online dating experience and regularly delete dating apps.

Blink offers daters a totally new way to meet prospective partners. Blink’s members don’t see profiles or photos — all they know going into their live, voice-only speed date is their date’s first name.

The creation of the company

The idea was born from a blackout dining experience. Taly dined in complete darkness with total strangers and had an amazing conversation with them without having any idea what they looked like. After the dinner ended, she saw my dinner mates for the first time and realized that, had she seen them before the dinner, she would have assumed they wouldn’t have much in common. And she would have been wrong. The experience sparked the thought: would people be more open to meeting and getting to know one another if they didn’t know what the other people looked like first?

Taly started working on Blink in March 2020. With the rise of audio platforms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, the success of shows like Netflix’s Love is Blind, and the general desire for ways to make genuine human connections in the midst of a years-long pandemic that’s changed how people socialize, now is the time enable people to easily identify compatible partners from the comfortable of their couches.

The Solution - A deeper dive on what the company is building, how it differs from competitors, success so far, and company vision

Modern dating sucks. People spend hours mindlessly swiping, enamored by the illusion of choice and convenience, struggling to make real connections. It’s hardly surprising – it’s easy to miss a great match when swiping on baseball card versions of people.

Blink, a voice-first speed dating app that’s introducing dating into the online dating process, offers daters a new and more effective way to assess compatibility on their journeys to find love. Using relationship psychology and real-time communication, Blink creates a space where a person’s personality, values, sense of humor, passions, and quirks are what set them apart by creating a two-part matching process including a Blink Date (10-minute, audio-only speed date) followed by a Glance (reviewing unidentified photos),

Beyond the app, Blink invites strangers to participate in a podcast version of their concept on Date in a Blink. They used the podcast to validate their concept, collect feedback, and create evergreen marketing materials. The feedback was incredible – they tracked sign-ups ($0.52 CPC for nearly 250 participants), how daters rated the voice-only experience as an effective online dating method (9/10), whether daters would want to continue voice-only dating (100%), and their match rate (6x higher than traditional dating apps).

Customer experience

Blink’s podcast daters have said they love having the chance to have real conversations instead of swiping to infinity and enjoy that there was no visual because it let them focus on the conversation. Daters used words like “refreshing,” “fun,” “exciting”, and “relaxed”, to describe the voice-only dating experience.

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