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Bindy Street – The Insider Guide to Exploring London

What the Bindy Street does

Bindy Street is a free app with hundreds of curated city guides for those looking to get the best out of London life. Geared towards both locals and tourists alike, businesses can create their own guides which they then publish onto the Bindy Street app to connect with their consumers directly.

The Current Landscape

Most small to medium businesses cannot viably invest £50k to £150k and 36 weeks into the development of their own app to then face the risk of having no usage and low retention.

In order for businesses to create their guides, the Bindy Street Creator Platform requires no coding, design, or technical ability, and leaves businesses free to use Bindy Street as a revenue Centre and not a cost Centre. Through their gamification system which includes avatar customisation, rewards, and quizzes, Bindy Street personalizes and engages every consumer experience.

Bindy Street is committed to features that drive an emotional connection between the player, the experience, the platform, and the business – helping with both acquisition and retention of local, key clientele.

Company Birth Story

A house on Bindy Street, Australia, was where it all started for the founders of Bindy Street. For them, Bindy Street was where adventures began, and the dream for it to be shared with everyone was born. Many years later, and now located in London, they started Bindy Street - an app for discovering and experiencing the best things in life. The small team of 4 quickly grew to 20, comprising a team of diverse talented individuals that spans across technology, programming, art, design, marketing, and business development, supported by a progressive working culture that focuses on the welfare of their teammates.

The Solution

The Bindy Street Creator Platform allows all businesses to create a mobile presence quickly and at no cost, whilst not having to compete with other existing apps directly. It builds new revenue opportunities.

Bindy Street also uses an algorithm known as the Interest Wheel which improves discoverability, connects businesses with their target audience, and provides personalised recommendations to the user based on their in-app activities.

For consumers, Bindy Street becomes a digital companion for the best local experiences in London. With avatar customisation, rewards, and quizzes, users can engage with others by posting on the social feed, creating personalised itineraries, and discover the best trending venues.

The Team Culture

Bindy Street breaks the mould of the classic start-up by making a human-first mindset a core pillar of life at work. This includes hybrid working, office comforts, a Share Option Scheme, cooked lunches together at the long table, board game nights, and pizza and drinks after hours.

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