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Big Solution for a Big Challenge: Ammonia as an Alt Fuel

What is Amogy ?

Amogy [Am-uh-Gee] is building a carbon-free energy system using ammonia as a renewable fuel. Amogy’s solution presents a higher energy density compared to other clean alternatives making it suitable for heavy-duty transportation. By enabling the decarbonization of this sector, Amogy will reduce 10% of global GHG emissions by 2040.

The Current Landscape

To achieve net-zero emissions by mid-century, global decarbonization efforts rely heavily on headway in the transportation industry. The electrification of passenger vehicles has seen the most progress in reducing emissions thus far. However, decarbonizing other modes of transportation, such as long-haul trucking, locomotives, aviation, and shipping, has proven to be much more difficult.

As the heavy-duty transportation sector searches for clean energy solutions, Amogy envisions that the industry will adopt ammonia as an alternative fuel. Because of its use as a fertilizer in the agriculture industry, ammonia already has advanced technology, existing infrastructure, and public comfort and familiarity. It is also highly accessible with over 150 ports across the world capable of storing ammonia. Compared to hydrogen and batteries, ammonia has a higher energy density making it an appealing energy carrier by allowing vehicles to be lighter, faster, and able to travel longer distances.

Competition with other fuels presents the largest obstacle for Amogy. However, the advantages of using ammonia, paired with Amogy’s emission-free technology, give Amogy significant leverage in decarbonizing the heavy duty transportation sector.

Company Birth Story

Amogy was founded in November 2020 by four MIT PhD alumni who shared the vision of a decarbonized future transportation system and believed that ammonia may hold the key to solving this challenge. Amogy first raised its Seed funding supported by AP Ventures in March 2021, and a few months later, in July of 2021, the company successfully demonstrated its technology by achieving the first-ever emission-free drone flight powered by ammonia. Amogy then closed the Series A funding round led by Amazon's Climate Pledge Fund and AP Ventures in November 2021.

Today, more than 40 people have joined the Amogy team and the company is on track to revolutionize commercial transportation. Over the next few years, they plan to demonstrate their technology in ammonia-powered cargo shipping vessels and heavy-duty ground vehicles. They also plan to expand the technology to cover heavy energy infrastructure.

The Solution

Amogy has developed a compact, high-efficiency reactor that cracks ammonia onboard and uses the generated hydrogen to produce power through a fuel cell. This technology combines hydrogen's performance advantages with liquid ammonia's high energy density and storage capabilities. The reactor system is equipped with a high activity catalyst, which allows the ammonia-cracking reaction to take place at lower operating temperatures and higher efficiency levels than alternative designs.

Amogy intends to supply the reactor alongside a fuel cell as part of a compact and integrated power system, suitable for use on vessels, inland vehicles, and for stationary power generation applications. The Amogy technology can play a key role in reducing emissions, and, thus, can accelerate the global journey toward Net-Zero.

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