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Array Offers the Next Generation of Compliant and Sustainable Digital Offline Forms with Automation

What is Array?

Array is a low-code/no-code platform featuring the next generation of digital offline forms and automation, empowering individuals, and businesses to quickly develop custom forms and field apps with conditional logic, workflows and document generation. The ability to digitize unstructured data (no more paper) is easy to use and provides instant deployment.

The Current Landscape

DeviceMagic, GoCanvas, Unqork are all competitors.

The global low-code platform market is expected to be ~200 Billion by 2030. Historically, the IT sector and its technical users have been the largest user of low-code platforms. However, a more recent transition of these tools and competing alternatives into the ‘no- code’ space have empowered less technical users within a business. In the coming years, small and medium enterprises will become increasingly larger users of no- and low-code technologies. Array is poised to meet the needs of large and small firms alike, removing the need for custom development or high maintenance costs while optimizing productivity and reducing reliance on limited internal resources.

Company Birth Story

Matt Doyle, founder and CEO, had a career within field marketing and realized how bad data collection tools were, and in some cases, how much was being spent trying to build custom tools. Matt had the idea to create a tool which allows all businesses to create internal data collection automation apps for themselves and not depend on expensive internal or external engineers to do so. Matt wanted normal business users to have the ability to easily generate tools to make their own tasking more efficient, allowing the developers to work on difficult programming projects. He also realized the need for structured data to power AI along with digitization and sustainability efforts within a company.

The Solution

Array’s mission is to minimize the use of fillable online PDFs and paper forms. The tool is excellent for data collection and legacy enterprise systems that are hard to use and don’t provide structured data collection.

The Array platform is different from its competitors because in addition to digitizing custom forms, Array transforms the way business and consumers collect and manage data with automated workflows. The advanced security and encryption and ease of setup help with compliance and sustainability initiatives within an organization.

A Customer Story

Massmart, powered by Walmart, connects nearly 10,000 employees to the corporate office via Array. Utilizing 500+ different self-built forms by Massmart team members, Array has made life easier for each employee by digitizing forms ranging from stock management and employee training to store safety and compliance. Array’s automation tools made data collection and reporting easy with conditional logic and workflow triggers that automatically sends form data and alerts to higher management based on the form’s inputs and submissions. Array eliminated many manual processes which included paper forms and helped streamline Massmart’s operations.

“The Array App plays a huge part in how we collect all our data. We can collect very accurate data to help us perform our roles in business.” Leon Opperman, Head of Operations, Massmart.

The Team Culture

Matt Doyle- CEO and Founder

Becky Doyle – Operations

Mike Hudson – CTO

Brent Romine – Director of Customer Operations

The Array team has a saying, “listen hard…change fast’, and it’s a motto they apply throughout the business. The core Array team takes feedback and input from customers and works to provide best in class customer support, whether the client is leveraging a free Array account version or utilizing the enterprise option for teams.

A Founder Quote

Our job at Array is to be futurists for our clients. We lead the way in providing a data capture platform which provides easy collection, automation and security. The easy to use drag and drop builder makes it ideal for any user- Matt Doyle

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