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Applaudable: A New Era of Social Media Enters the Digital Space

What Applaudable does

Applaudable is a new social media platform centered around a unique concept: applauds. The team crafted a space where sharing is not only about broadcasting moments but celebrating them—turning every post into an act of appreciation and recognition. In this community, each applaud is a testament to authenticity, meaningful connections, and the richness of everyday experiences.

The Current Landscape

Amidst growing concerns on the negative impact of traditional social media platforms to current users, Applaudable seeks to be a more positive and authentic social media platform, focused on capturing and sharing meaningful experiences that shape each person’s real-life stories.

Company Birth Story

From a young age, Applaudable’s founder, Andrew Christodoulides, was captivated by how people's stories and similar beginnings could lead to vastly different outcomes. This curiosity evolved into Moro, a project that explored how environments shape us by curating inspiring interior photos. Realizing the power of sharing personal experiences to positively impact others, he created Applaudable, a platform for sharing life stories to improve lives beyond home decor. His journey from curiosity to impactful sharing underscores the deep connection between people’s surroundings and shared experiences.

The Solution

Applaudable is a movement for a healthier digital future, addressing the negative impact of traditional social media. Their initial launch is set for Barcelona, Spain in which they’ll be working with fifteen well-known schools, such as the American School of Barcelona, Emilio Sánchez Academy, and Benjamin Franklin International School, followed by an expansion to over 500 schools and communities throughout the US and Europe over the next twelve months.

The Team Culture

The core team consists of Andrew Christodoulides, a three-time founder, and Ilan Berker, who brings over 20 years of management and engineering experience from Microsoft and Meta. Scattered across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, Applaudable's team works autonomously fostering a results-oriented culture of trust, accountability, innovation, community, and growth. Life at Applaudable is dynamic and collaborative, with regular virtual brainstorming sessions that often lead to breakthrough ideas. Applaudable's recent virtual team retreat, which featured online activities and vision discussions, underscored the strong team bond and shared goals, emphasizing their belief that a happy and inspired team is crucial for creating something truly impactful.

A founder quote

“We believe that social media should be a space in which we applaud each of our successes and reflect on one’s journey of growth," said Andrew Christodoulides, Founder and CEO of Applaudable. "Our platform aims to foster a community where every experience, big or small, inspires and educates others. Each shared story or recommendation becomes a catalyst in enriching lives, promoting genuine connections and meaningful conversations.”

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The launch of Applaudable marks a significant milestone in the digital space, heralding a new era of social media. As this platform emerges, it offers innovative features designed to enhance user interaction and engagement. For students and professionals looking to craft their online presence, services like personal statement service are becoming increasingly essential. These services help individuals create compelling narratives that stand out in an ever-competitive digital landscape. Applaudable's debut is a timely addition, promising to reshape how we connect and present ourselves online.


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